September 1st, 2014
Has Everything For a Princess

Great store where i found this playset! My girls love playmobil. The only thing they love better then playmobil, is a playmobil princess. This set is a great set to add on to any set you already have.I was in the market for just a princess. Any addition that came along was just a plus. This set was no exception. The playmobil set comes in a pink case. The case is well build and perfect for storing and taking on the go. My 11 year old loves pink so already this was a plus.Inside the case, the set comes with a princess. She is crafted like the other playmobil pieces only she is in a gown. The bottom of the gown is removable. I loved this feature as the dress can be changed with other princesses. Great for creative play.This set comes with a complete set of accessories for any fairytale. I expected the standard unicorn but the duck and peacock was great. There are so many stores on the market and and now my girls can act out many of them.if these are not cute enough this set has as powder table as well as some accessories so the princess can get ready each morning.This princess set is a great addition to any of your playmobil sets. It really comes with everything you need to take the imagination to the next level. The good quality carrying case is an added bonus to help keep everything organized and ready for your little princess to use.

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September 1st, 2014
Good Buy, Worth The Money

Check out this incredible furniture store where i found this awesome entertainment center. Put this together with my 13 yr. old, was a nice project – wasn’t hard to assemble but did take some time and you need some space to lay it down, also make sure you have that second person to help stand it up when it’s completed (you can’t do it alone, no matter how strong you are, because you don’t want to break anything, or crack it.) Overall we love it, it’s sitting on carpet and even though it’s not secured to the wall yet, we haven’t had any problems. It looks really nice in my son’s room, with a futon couch in front. Color is nice and rich/dark, looks just like the photo. Remember to pay attention to the weight limits on the shelves. We have lots of gaming consoles and other items on the shelves and it’s great for keeping everything organized. I wouldn’t put it in a living room only because there are no doors to hide the items on the lower shelves (that’s just my opinion, having all the gaming consoles, dvd player, etc. showing looks a little messy.) Otherwise, it’s great for a tv room or kid’s room, very happy we bought it!I’ll probably end up getting another one of these for my daughter’s room, it’s inexpensive and creates a space where items “belong” rather than having a ton of games and movies thrown all over the floor ;) More info on this enetertainment center can be found here.

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September 1st, 2014
I like it

Got this Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Full Zip Fleece Jacket in black color size small delivered in 1 week, fits me perfect.Reading reviews I was afraid it was going to be bigger because my plans were wearing it without layers underneath so I was not sure if to buy xs or s. Bought in Small, and now I see It comes as it is written in Columbia size chart. The black color not exactly black, it is more like very dark blue, love it. The color of the pockets inside matches the jacket color.The only thing is I still do not know how I feel about – the feel of fleece, comparing to my husbands Columbia fleece Jacket, mine feels less soft, more like synthetic I guess, but lets see may be it will soften after washing. Will update later about it.The sewing lines are straight and looks great 95%, but where the collar attached to body and around the pockets sewing lines are not straight, in dark color you can barely notice it, still, could be done same good as rest 95% of the jacket : )I like my new Jacket, it is very warm and lightweight, Thank you Columbia and Amazon.P.S. Girls, here is measurements I took for the ones who are still in doubt about XS or S:My jacket is in SMALL sizeFrom shoulder to shoulder line – 15,7 infrom armpit to armpit – 18 inaround hips – 39.92 insleeve length – 24 inJacket lenght – 24 in + collar 3.85inHappy purchases!Dina.

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September 1st, 2014
Myths About Natural Health Products That You Should Know

There is no science behind natural products This is another common myth, mostly propagated by those who know little about NHPs. Just because a lot of information natural health products has not been documented does not mean that there is no science behind their work. Most of the evidence behind natural health products is anecdotal but research into most of these products proves that most of them are highly effective. This is for instance the case with taking probiotics, which was thought weird a few years ago. However, scientific research has since then established the facts behind probiotics. Products claims from manufacturers are always true Although the drug industry is highly regulated and manufacturers are prohibited from making false claims about their products, a few will still try to take advantage of people who are not keen to establish the facts about a product. Ideally, you shouldn’t believe all that you read in a manufacturer’s website. Do your due diligence to establish whether the claims are true or they are exaggerated. Alternative and conventional medicines are complimentary This is a myth and a half-truth. You can never substitute conventional medicine for alternative medicine/products. The two are not mutually exclusive. If you happen to be suffering from painful, immediate or serious illnesses, your first route should always be towards conventional medicine or products. The above are 5 of the most common myths about natural health products. The myths do not in any way imply that natural products are ineffective. Rather, you are supposed to do your due diligence before deciding to use a product.

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August 31st, 2014
Do You Have The Latest Style Of Skateboard Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are great, but these days they are less for the sun and more about style conciseness and expression. They also protect your eyes from the uv rays but why not look amazing doing it? Long gone are the days of just wearing functional shades, today’s skateboard sunglasses are incredible and eye popping. They make use of recycled materials and you can even find some phenomenal looking elegant wood glasses that are not blocky at all! They are gaining widespread popularity lately!

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August 30th, 2014
The Perfect Gift

My niece is very fashionable. She always wears the latest and greatest in clothing and jewelry. When she picked me up to go to a movie the other day I immediately noticed the wooden sunglasses she had on. I had to try them on. They were made of real wood. You could tell they were made to last. I had to have a pair. She reached around the seat and pulled out a bag. She had purchased a pair for me. They are beautiful! I wear them everywhere!

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August 29th, 2014
What’s wrong with this picture???

Just received my Secret Wishes Catwoman costume and had it on within the hour. The overall quality is pretty low, but it will serve its purpose for an evening of handing out candy to the kids in the neighborhood. I opted for the medium size (I am 5′ 11″, 130 pounds, small chested) – it fits comfortably snug with ample length in the legs (I have a 34″ inseam). I will still have to wear black nylons to cover the gap between my black heeled boots and the leg bottoms. I probably could have squeezed into a small but length may have become a factor and I am only passing out candy, not heading out to the clubs. :) The material is not very forgiving….if you don’t have a rockin body, it will show every bump and lump….so keep that in mind. It has a zipper which makes getting into it a bit easier but you will have to pull it on like nylons.The face mask is horribly shaped and I will have to use two sided clothing tape to get it to stick to my face appropriately. The “ears” are fine, just cheap plastic. And the belt is very large…will have to make it smaller to fit on my waist tighter.The BIG issue, and you can clearly see from the photo, is either 1. The sleeves are not long enough to meet the gloves or 2. The gloves are not long enough to meet the sleeves. I am tall, but I am not ape-like so guessing this was just an error in manufacturing. I have already ordered 22″ opera length gloves to complete my outfit. Also kind of confused as description does not state gloves are included, but my bag had them in there. Mistake maybe???Fortunately, my hair matches Anne Hathaway’s so no need to purchase the wig.I will enjoy this costume on Halloween!

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August 29th, 2014
Bill Murray at his comedic best

It is said that the role of Peter Venkman was originally written for John Belushi, but we’ll never know how he would have performed in the role. Fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum Bill Murray stepped into the role and ran away with the movie. Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd fit into the story like a glove in Ivan Reitman’s masterpiece, but Bill Murray steals his every scene – which means most of the movie – with a performance full of dead-pan, ironic, world-weary, been-there-done-that hilariousness.He has a sarcastic remark for every occasion, and the audience is the only one in on the joke every time.When prospective girlfriend Dana Barrett (played by Sigourney Weaver, who gets a plum opportunity to show off her comedic skills) gets possessed by an evil demon, she is transformed into a slinky seductress. Bill Murray has come over to her apartment and in his hilarious dead-pan manner lets the audience know that he recognizes all is not normal with Ms. Barrett. As hilarious and sarcastic as Venkman is, he’s at least a gentleman of sorts and doesn’t take advantage of the situation when the demon tries to seduce him.”Do you want this body?” Sigourney-demon asks him.He pauses for a perfect beat before replying:”Is this a trick question?”The special effects don’t look like the CGI visions that have been on screen for a couple of years (this was 1984) yet they’re part of the fun. Even so, the special effects serve the story rather than up-staging it, and when the movie was initially released I remember howling with the audience after the first special-effect ghost “attacks” Bill Murray and leaves him on the floor in a glistening mess.”He SLIMED me!” Venkman yelled, and we laughed our heads off.This disc is not dated by contemporary references – it’s just as hilarious today as it was in 1984, and it’ll probably be just as funny 100 years from now. The DVD comes with extras that add to the fun, and in the commentary tracks Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis show that “Ghostbusters” was an absolute highlight in all of their lives.Mine too.

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August 29th, 2014
True outdoor lights

When my review sample arrived I had the perfect way to test it for outdoor use: we are in our rainy season in Central Florida and I wrapped one of my palms in the middle of the yard to test it out.The first test was using the timer feature, where this would come on for six hours, shut down for eighteen, and turn turn back on for six. That worked, but that only proves that the timer worked. What makes this impressive is it endured blazing sun on the south side of my house, then torrential rain, and continued to operate like clockwork.Not only did it prove that it could withstand the elements, but the lights were exceptionally bright at night. Not glaring bright because this is the warm model with the light having an orange tint. Still, the illumination is impressive.The battery case is totally waterproof too. It was actually on the ground the entire test. I was frankly surprised that the batteries did not cook in the hot sun and prematurely fail, but since this did not come with those batteries (you need to supply your own), it would have not been germane to these lights if they did.To be honest I do not intend to leave these out permanently. I want to use them for temporary decor for parties and seasonal events like Christmas and Halloween. Still, if they were to be used permanently I am betting they they would survive because mine took a beating during my evaluation and continued working perfectly. I would love to see a solar adapter for these lights because running them on batteries would get expensive if they were placed in a permanent location.Bottom line: these light up outside spaces and objects beautifully. A few placed strategically in a yard or on a patio can create a magical ambiance.

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August 29th, 2014
Good Costume

I bought mine from a third party store through amazon, their name is “The Internet Department Store”. The costume arrived in about a week in a plastic mail bag. Estimated shipping time was 1-2 weeks, lucky it came early, otherwise if i needed to make adjustments to the costume or return and exchange i would only have 3 days to do it before my Halloween party. Costume is a bit thin but not too bad, i probably have to wear a jacket since it usually snows here around Halloween. This DOES NOT come with pants just to point out the obvious (different review said it came with it but it doesn’t). The belt is attached to the belt across the chest and both are velcro to fit. They look like they are made of cheap material with thread sticking out everywhere. Boot covers are a bit weird, dont know which side is front or back but i’ll figure it out. Buckles on vest hang loose which is kinda weird (check picture). I wear size L and XL but i choose L for this costume and its a good loose fit. T-shirts i wear in L are fitted and XL are usually loose. Overall i think this costume is okay for the price (~$40)but it would be a better deal at ~$35. I’ll Post pics later.This would have been a better costume if it came with the arrow quiver/holder or a bow, i think that’s what really makes it a Robin Hood costume. If it came with both those i wouldn’t mind the price.UPDATE: I’ve tried to upload a video review of this costume but it doesn’t seem to work..but i uploaded it to youtube. [...]

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