September 14th, 2014
What Is the Most Important Sense?

If you were to ask a person what their most important sense is, they would likely tell you that it is their vision. They would rather lose their sense of taste or their hearing before they lost their ability to see. However, even though this is extremely important for so many people, not everyone takes steps to protect their eyes. What are some things that they can do? They need to include things in their diet that contain vitamins that contribute to the health of the eyes. Also, they want to wear wooden sunglasses so that their eyes can be protected from the sun and UV rays.

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September 11th, 2014
Excellent purchase for extended periods of time in the cold.

I purchased this item along with the SUB COLD long sleeve following a winter camping expedition in Minnesota where I came to realize this particular time I was under-prepared given the temperature. I had been wearing normal long johns and limited layers. Along with other clothing upgrades I decided to give these a try based on the high review rating.Performance – Before using these in the field for a long period of time I decided to test them out at home. I opened the window to the outdoor ten degree weather and sat at my computer while seeing how long it would take me to feel uncomfortable. In regular long johns it was about 5 to 10 minutes, however while wearing only these I was quite comfortable for closer to 40 to 45 minutes. This effect is considerably amplified in conjunction with general winter layering. The performance is exquisite for remaining comfortable in very cold temperatures and wicks & dries moisture extremely effectively. For these purposes the SUB COLD line are by far the best base layers I’ve ever used for cold winter temperatures.Comfort – This base layer fits incredibly tight on the skin. At first it was so much so that I almost felt slightly claustrophobic. After a couple uses I began to actually prefer its fit as it feels very much like you have a second layer of skin which provides substantial protection from heat loss, especially due to moisture from sweat during high activity. Movement is quite easy & natural, after a while I forget I’m even wearing it. The comfort of fit will definitely depend on the wearer’s physique. It’s perfect for those who have an athletic to average build, but will likely be overly confining to anyone larger or considerably out of shape (possibly even so with a larger size). Despite loving the fit it does take a bit of effort to put on and take off compared to regular base layers, however this inconvenience is minuscule compared to its benefits in cold weather.Washing – I’ve washed this about ten times or so and have had no issues to the fabric or to the logo yet. I always do air dry however, which takes very little time with this fabric.I would definitely purchase this item again as well as recommend it to others.

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September 11th, 2014
Solid performer for the price.

I only really purchased this as a studio cam. Don’t need AF performance for that, nor high ISO’s, but do need great resolution. So, with trepidation and reserve, I decided to try this one. I am coming from D700′s, D3′s, D7k’s and other as my point of reference. I shoot for a living.The good:Resolution is excellent, especially when coupled with the 40mm macro from Nikon. I have shot a few hundred shots now and am very happy in that regard. The menus are simple enough that you can work them out if you already know Nikon’s systems for menus. AF performance is great for this kind of body. Using my 17-55 with it, I could acquire focus only slightly slower that with the D7000. I tried in lower light to see how that worked, and while you could tell it was slower, it was not too bad. Every shot I have taken bar one (black dog in a dark room), was in focus as intended. So, AF is good for this kind of body. I like the layout of the controls too, everything was where it was expected to be.The bad:Small body means uncomfortable grip. However, that is what was expected, so I don’t really think this is a “bad” for this camera. I expect a person with smaller hands will thoroughly enjoy that aspect. Lenses (all but smaller ones) are front heavy and fell off balance. Pop a 70-200 VR on this and it is silly unless you carry/hold it by the lens primarily. Lastly, there is no AF fine tune, but…. I have not found the need on even one of the lenses I will use it with to make any adjustments, so not too bad a thing.Conclusion:Get one if you want it for landscape, low speed portraits (esp families) or for product/architecture. I highly recommend it.

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September 10th, 2014
Great Bag, Great Price

I have owned the bag for about 1 month now. I am in grad school, and need to carry folders with notes (8×11) and an iPad. I also carry some meds, some clothing items, and some food items. This bag is large enough for all that without difficulty. It got crowded with 4 folders (each about 3/4 ” thick, 2 text books (about 3″ total), the iPad, and gym shorts and shirt (but the zipper still closed without much effort). It seems well made so far. The shoulder pad is comfortable. There are several pockets to carry items. The small one in the front is perhaps smaller than I would like, but overall is a great bag. For the price it is exceptional unless it falls apart in a few months. I think for your average student this would be great (I was worried that it might be too small, but it is a very generous size).Update for 5/2013.. Have been using for a couple of years now, and it has held up great. Padding on the shoulder strap is not quite as full, but I carry a lot of stuff as noted. I have also been taking my MacBook Pro 15″ screen in it, and it handles the size (I can’t close it all the way though), and the weight well. If they keep the build quality up, this is an easy recommendation from my standpoint. Overall, I love the bag. Would love a slightly narrower version of the bag even more.

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September 9th, 2014
My granny

I saw my grandmother after a few years and she was still trying to look young. I liked the fact that she was still taking care of herself. She also took care of me when I was a small child. She is a good woman and that's why I decided to buy some eco sunglasses for her. I am sure that she will like them since they are modern and many people are wearing them. It would be a good idea to talk to my mother about it since she will probably be able to give me advice on this decision. I am sure that she will.

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September 9th, 2014
Wearing a Suit to Work Every Day

When a person first starts off their career, it is not likely that they are going to have a lot of money that they will be able to spend on nice clothing. However, as they begin to work more and as they begin to earn more money, they are going to want to make sure that they buy clothing that is going to help them to look the part. They want to make sure that they dress professionally. Some men they need to wear suits to work every single day. It is important that the suit fit properly. They may need to buy custom suits in Fairfax.

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September 8th, 2014
Shower Fun

I’m always a fan of trying little $5-10 gadgets. When I purchase a shower head for $10, I honestly don’t expect this to last years or have multiple spray settings or even be a “quality” product. When I see people who complain saying it was “the worst $10 I have ever spent!” It drives me nuts. People…you can’t buy a BMW for the price of a KIA.Now, for the product review.This came packaged nicely in an Amazon box, then in a smaller product box. Nicely wrapped in bubble. The actual head it’s self is a white plastic, with a clear “head” that has the LED’s and a standard spray pattern. As many people can’t understand, IT IS JUST THE HEAD. It needs a removable hand washer type.The head does have a cheap plastic feel to it, its very lightweight and the threads are of course, plastic. You have to be very gentle when tightening to the hand hose or whatever you are using. Too much can easily strip them. No leaks for me though.The lighting of the LED’s is pretty cool, depending on the shower type you have it can light up quit a bit. Now for the big question. How does it work?!? Some people think its batteries, some think its solar? No, this works by a very small, plastic turbine that when water flows through it, produces a very very tiny voltage to power the LED’s. Now what does that mean? It means that it has a very slight hum to it. If your looking for it, you can notice it but to me I can barely hear it over the sound of the shower and water itself.The light’s are of course your primary’s; reds, greens, blues. On the once I received there is about 6 LED’s and they don’t always change in sync. Sometimes half are blue when the other half is red etc. The speed isn’t too bad, it doesn’t produce a strobe affect to me. They could be slower but it doesn’t bother me.Overall, I love this thing. For $10 it really isn’t that bad of a deal. The water pressure isn’t too bad, almost better than the Wal*Mart style I had. I like taking a shower at night and of course, my friends think its cool. I’m sure over time the novelty of it will wear off, like anything does. I would buy it again for a white elephant gift or stocking stuffer.UPDATE: 8/27/13.As of about two weeks ago I lost significant pressure coming from the head. The LED’s still light up and it hums but the pressure is goes. I figured since it lasted about 6 months that I would go ahead and try to open it up without breaking. Nope. I’m not sure how the clear plastic cap on the head itself comes off. I have tried twisting it off and even trying to pry it off. Nothing. If I decided to destroy it I’ll just smash open and see the problem. Also when it started to drop pressure some black almost foam looking stuff started coming out. Not sure if its rusting up or what. I’ll update when I break it open. Overall I would buy it again because its so cheap!!!

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September 8th, 2014
Cutting and slicing is a pleasure with these sharp knives!

Suddenly, I feel like cooking again. Chopping onions, dicing carrots, making perfect juliennes with red peppers and mincing the garlic fine for my famous (!) vegetable medley is…effortless. All because of these knives. Ooh they are sharp! So be careful or you may end cutting yourself!I love the fact that the knives are sharp right out the box. Many people swear by their forged knife blades but that makes the knives heavier. I have another set from Pinzon (Amazon’s brand) and yet another from Cuisinart that I barely use as they are heavier and not as sharp as these knives. I think stamped blades are great as they are lighter and thinner like these Ginsu knives. If you cut vegetables more than meat then you need knives like these. For meat you need heavier blades with more balance and “brute force”. For slicing a tomato so fine that you can see through it you need a Ginsu. With a Ginsu in your hand you’ll end up sculpting roses from your radishes!Update 11/5/08: I have been using these knives for 1.5 years now. They’re still doing fine and are still very sharp. I regularly throw them in the dishwasher and they have not shown any signs of rusting. I love these knives and miss them if I am cooking somewhere else. I use the steak knives as everyday knives for slicing veggies and they work very well. If I ever purchase another set I will go with Ginsu again.Update: 8/27/2013: Still using these knives after 6 years. Still going strong and are pretty sharp. Although we took to using some as box cutters and for other reasons and lost a few of the steak knives. Luckily, Amazon sells steak knives separately in packs of 4 Ginsu Essential Series 4-Piece 4.5-Inch Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set with Triple Riveted Polymer Handles 4805 so I ordered more.

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September 8th, 2014

I first bought this racquet 2 years ago and it was extremely powerful.The large head ensures that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to not hit the sweet spot.My wife was playing in a USTA league and needed a better racquet,so I gave it to her and it helped her game as well.After that I bought a Prince that was a bit lighter and used it for about 4 months and watched My son run me off the court using my wife’s Liquidmetal 8 after Thanksgiving last year,so I decided to buy another Liquidmetal 8 in Jan.This racquet is a keeper,although I would like to get the Liquidmetal 4 to see if it is true that it has a little more control than the 8.This is AN EXCELLENT RACQUET for intermediate and higher players. When My wife and I both hit with the Liquidmetal 8 the sounds are more like Sampras vs. Agassi or Venus vs.Serena.AN EXCELLENT VALUE!!!After hitting weekly with my wife for most of the spring/summer. I see that this racquet is top notch.The only other racquets that I could be interested in that have the Liquidmetals balance of power and control are the Head Youtek IG Speed Elite/Lite models.Whether or not I decide to use one of those racquets I am sure going to purchase another Liquidmetal 8 as a backup racquet for myself soon.A wonderful racquet.After buying 2 Liquidmetal 4 racquets and a Youtek Speed 300.I had both of my Liquidmetal 8′s strung at 57 lbs and gave one to my wife,and the other to my son.Dont get me wrong,the Speed is an excellent racquet,but I dont think that it’s the one for me.I am in the process of deciding whether to purchase one,or 2 more Liquidmetal 8′s for myself.Sometimes you can’t stray too far from Home!!!

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September 8th, 2014
Coolest Vest EVER!!! Make Police Officers On Your Block Take A Second Look!!!

Yeah, this vest is just COMPLETELY AWESOME! There’s no other way to put it. It looks sweet (‘cuz it’s JET BLACK which equals the ULTIMATE AWESOME!!!), it’s very functional, and it’s VERY DURABLE! What more can you expect from UTG? Their top-of-the-line merchandise gets me every time. And this vest looks so freakin’ awesome. It’ll DEFINITELY make the police officers on your block look twice! Is that good or bad? I dunno.But on a more technical note. This vest really does have it all. It’s adjustable even for the SMALLEST dude or babe. It fits me VERY SNUG after I pulled a few strings and adjusted the velcro on the shoulders. I’m only 5′ 5″ and weigh about 106 lbs. It can get even tighter than that, but it was perfect enough for me. I use my vest for airsofting & it works perfectly for just about anything from doing D.I.Y. projects around the house to Halloween night and dressing up as your favorite S.W.A.T. man!My ONLY issue with this vest is the side adjustable strings. Even before you adjust the strings on the sides, they’re already hanging kind of low, so if you adjust them even tighter they are REALLY going to hang low. That’s a problem for me. Not really a BIG one but very annoying to look at. What I did was just put the hanging part of the strings in the back pouch of the vest to get them out of the way. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!Other than that, this vest has the WORKS!!! It comes with shotgun shell holders, sniper bolt holders, rifle mags, pistol mags, a First-Aid or radio pouch, a flashlight or pepper spray holster, and some other storage holsters…not to mention EVERYTHING is adjustable through velcro technology…oooh ahhh!!! Another awesome thing, is that it has a holster already built in so you don’t have to spend extra money to get a leg or a belt holster. Although if you are not RIGHT-HANDED when it comes to your pistol, then the holster won’t be any good to you. But, other than that, this vest is the REAL DEAL!!! 5 OUT OF 5 STARS BABY!!!Pros:-Feels EXTREMELY Durable-Jet Black (which is awesome to me!)-Everything Is Adjustable-Very Comfortable Fit (it can adjust to ANYONE’S SIZE, and I mean ANYONE!!!)-Built-in Right-Handed Pistol Holster (but I guess this could be an issue if you’re Left-Handed)-Pouches For ANY & EVERYTHINGCons:-Side Adjustable Strings Hang Too Low, Get In The Way, & Are Very Annoying

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