One of the most overlooked areas of fashion

Wear a belt if you’re going to tuck your shirt into your pants. You could wear a pair of nifty suspenders in lieu of a belt if you like. Your suspenders or belt should always match your shoes says

Carry a sewing kit with you for little repairs. Instead of suffering an embarrassing problem like a ripped seam or burst zipper, you can use the sewing kit to fix it up right then and there. Make sure to carry the essentials with you in your bag so that you are always prepared.

One of the most overlooked areas of fashion is accessorizing. Great accessories make an outfit pop. Your earrings, bracelets and watches should match the style of your outfit. Shoes and hairstyles are another way to add something extra to your look. Take a look at fashion magazines to get truly inspired.

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Disney Costumes for Girls

Halloween will be here before you know it. When little girls get to a certain age, they want to choose their own costumes. They usually choose them from characters with which they are familiar. Disney costumes are popular with little girls. Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, Mulan, Izzy, Aurora, and other Disney girl costumes are some of the most popular among little girls. If your precious girl likes Disney characters you can find just about any affordable Disney related costume when you click Here.

Monica is bragging

I really didn't know why Tom invited Monica to our trip. We were headed to the beach and she was talking all the time during the driving. She was bragging that the shirt she was wearing was a part of the southern sisters designs brands collection. There were three guys in the car and nobody cared about her shirt. I had an awful time sitting next to her in the backseat. I guessed Tom had a crush on Monica, so that was why he called her with us. I just wanted to get to the beach fast. My head was going to explode from the Monica's talking.

New Turquoise Earrings to Match a Formal Gown

This weekend, I’m going out with my husband to a fancy fundraiser gala. It is a black tie affair, so I will be dressing up in a brand new gown. I bought it at the beginning of the month, and it is perfect. Today when I was picking out shoes, I realized that I forgot to buy accessories. I stopped by a small gemstone retail nyc shop. They had the most beautiful turquoise earrings that are going to match my formal gown perfectly.

The perfect present

A few days ago I remembered that my friend's birthday was coming up soon and I hadn't bought her anything yet. Well, she is a very stylish girl, so I did not have to think about the present for long. While browsing the Internet, I found this great online store which sold beautiful bcbgeneration dresses. Since I know her style, I decided to buy this beautiful dress. When she opened her present I could see that she really liked it, because she is not that kind of person who can fake an emotion. I was really happy that I surprised her and made her so happy.

Focus on the Now and Remember the Details

There are so many moments in our life that only happened once. And the sad thing is that if we do not take the time to appreciate those moments, when they're gone all we are going to be left with is our memories. And then we are not going to have the details clear in our mind. For example, we might go on a nice summer walk with our friends. They might be wearing a hat with a logo of the local team on it. Maybe they were wearing wooden sunglasses. Maybe they were wearing a particular T-shirt. If we don't take the time to capture these things, and the future we would not be able to remember them accurately.

Sweet 24

My sister's birthday is coming up soon; this Saturday, to be exact. I've been breaking my head over the possible gift for her birthday, but I can't think of anything. I tried thinking about what she would buy for herself, and it would probably be new clothes or some make-up kit. For that reason, I bought her a new dress and bunch of cosmetic products. I remember one of them is called Zincplex. If you want to check out Zincplex click here. I think she will like it. Even though, as time passes, I feel like the best gift is something you crafted yourself and has some meaning.

Life Size Statue With a Pirate Theme

Recently the library decided to redo the decor in the children’s section of the library. We took a vote and decided to go with a pirate theme. I have always loved pirates. My job was to go online and find decorations that would work for a pirate theme book section. I ended up ordering a Life Size Statue of a pirate. It has held up well with all of the kids, even with them touching it on a daily basis.