A nifty little camera

I’m just a point-and-shoot guy, and all I wanted was a good point-and-shoot camera with a powerful zoom lens, and good picture quality for an admittedly undiscerning eye. I got all that and more with this camera. Since there are plenty of “expert” reviews, I’m not going to say anything about the ins-and-outs of the camera. So, for what it’s worth, here are my random comments. Click here to check out the online camera store that i get all my cameras and equipment.1. Besides the 30x optical zoom on the SX510, the other cool feature is the wifi capability. Setting up the wifi was not particularly intuitive, but I eventually got everything working. I read one review from a mac owner that the wifi would not transfer pictures wirelessly from the camera to the the Apple computer. That’s not true. All you need to do is download some Canon software (available here: […] Once you download and install the software, you need to connect your computer to the camera via your home wifi network. Again, this isn’t very intuitive, but it’s not too difficult either. After the connection is made, you’ll be able to transfer photos from the camera to your Apple computer via the “Image Sync” command.2. One reason I decided to get a new camera (I upgraded from an older Canon Powershot, the S3) was because my old camera took terrible pictures indoors and in low light. I read that the SX510 did much better. To my untrained eye, this certainly seems to be the case. I took a couple of indoor pictures that turned out very poorly on my S3; using the SX510, the same shots were significantly better. On close inspection, I could see some “noise,” but relatively speaking, the differences were huge. More info on this pint-and-shoot camera.3. The SX510 is very compact and light. One big reason, of course, is that it uses a proprietary battery, rather than 4 AAs. A lot of people prefer AAs for obvious reasons, but as long as you are prepared, the proprietary battery should not be a problem. You can buy extra batteries online (on Amazon) for a very low price. Having extra batteries will help you avoid those sad situations of not having batteries when you need them. Click here to check out more cameras and accessories.Well, that’s all I can think of for now.

Advanced Aesthetics and Beauty

Advanced Aesthetics provides some of the best non-invasive cosmetic surgeries there are. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, technicians are there to help us look and feel our best! They use some of the most innovative technology available to give us healthier looking skin. My favorite is the Restylane procedure, used to make my lips look sexier and more pouty! Dysport is also great, it involves no surgery but it relaxed my facial muscles and made me feel years younger! I highly recommend Advanced Aesthetics as the best way to look and feel a thousand times younger! I know I do!

Teether will NOT come apart, if you buy the right one!

Checkout this awesome baby store i found this on.

Firstly, let me just say that I am very glad that I ignored the “most helpful” review saying that it would come apart. I completely feared this because my baby seems to eat everything he can get his hands on, and he’s only about 5 months! Well, I received the product and I couldn’t be happier with the concept. It is a soft silicone material, comparable to other teething toys on the market, and my baby took to it instantly. The bonus: it is shaped like a pacifier, so babies can suck on it and it fits comfortably in their mouths. I can’t say enough good things about this product.Now about it coming apart, the green and red and green and blue teether’s are two parts brought together, however the pink and the light blue teethers are one peice (i.e. there is no way it will come apart!!). I completely recommend the light blue, considering that is the one I bought for my baby boy. It is a very nice color, just as shown in the picture, and it is only about fifty cents more than the original “raZ-berry teether”. Click here for more info on this teether.So, if you really want the contrast in colors, you can take the risk with one of the dual-color raz-berry teethers; Many people have been more than happy with the those and never had a problem with it coming apart. But personally, I would recommend the one-color ones; They are just as cute and you won’t have to worry about the possibility that it will come apart. Enjoy! List of more safe baby teethers here. 

Big girls Sports Bra

Awesome acitvewear store where i got this sports bra: activewear.studio-creations.com I’m still waiting for someone to invent the PERFECT sports bra for booby runners, but in the meantime, the Fiona should be a go-to sports bra for all women runners with a C cup and bigger.I have worked at a running store for two years, have been a runner for nearly a decade and have never been smaller than a DDD cup (although cup sizes are hard to quote because there does not seem to be one standard system- F, E, G, DDD- they all seem to be used interchangeably depending where you are). It seems that most women are drawn to the traditional racerback style (because that’s what everyone thinks of as a “sports bra“), but that design just does not work for us big-chested women. I’m always amused by booby women who dismiss the Fiona or Maia because the the hooks are “too annoying.” More annoying than an hour of your boobs flying in every direction (not to mention the pain)? Granted, the Fiona does not look as sexy as those Champion bras that work perfectly with a racerback tank top, but you know what’s even less sexy? Saggy boobs at age 30. I know, it makes me angry too- it’s just not fair. Don’t you wish those A-cup women who complain about small breasts could try just ONCE running with what we’ve got? Nevertheless, we’re in this together and luckily we’re getting closer to something that can totally support us.I’ve run with the Maia, Fiona, and Helena (I won’t even bother with the Dori- great bra, but not for my size). Although the Maia looks as though it’s far more technical than the Fiona, it just doesn’t compress my chest enough to be supportive. The Helena is fine but I can’t get the sweat smell out when I wash it. Almost all women customers who go into the dressing room with an armful of heavy duty bras (including the totally overrated, Oprah-endorsed Enell) leave the store with the Fiona. No joke.However, as I noted earlier, it’s not perfect. I suggest going down in size (either in width or cup size) to get a little extra compression. I always wear a sports tank with a built-in shelf bra over the Fiona. It’s like a bra and a half, rather than two bulky bras (which of course I’ve done for years). This will create the needed support to keep that chest tissue from stretching too much.Most importantly, however, I recommend finding a local running store and trying on a bunch, including the Fiona. Fiddle around with the size- go down until it’s too tight to wear. Sports bras are like running shoes- the only way to tell if it’s going to work is to put it on your OWN body. Support the running store (if you like the service) and buy your first bra(s) there, and then buy online if you want once you find the right bra for YOU. More great sports bras at this link.

Danged clever gadget!

Bought this on a new online kitchen appliance store.

I’m gadget-crazy and bought this on a whim, and I’m pretty impressed. I read Nick’s review several times and took all of his advice. Suggest all new owners do this. My sandwich came out perfect the very first time! I used Pam spray, English muffins, ham, cheese, and an egg. Heated it up a little past the recommended time. Set a timer for five minutes. Used tongs to lift up the compartments and whaddya know! A perfect, cute little sandwich! I pulled it out with a plastic spatula and set it on a tiny cookie rack to cool so the bottom wouldn’t get soggy. Nothing leaked, nothing stuck. Very compact and tidy. Let the contraption cool, then rinse and wipe.The booklet that came with the thing suggested using frozen pancakes from the supermarket as the “bread.” I bought some frozen waffles instead and plan to try them tomorrow–I’ll have to trim them a little as their diameter is slightly larger than the cooking compartment.I’m thinking waffles, bacon or ham, thinly sliced apple, cheese, and an egg (or not). Or kaiser roll, corned beef, swiss cheese, and some sauerkraut for an nice Reuben. Or just cheese, apple, and onion, on a bagel.I made my sandwich this morning using frozen waffles. Hehe. The waffles were a l-e-e-e-e-t-l-e bit too big to fit in the compartments, so I trimmed the edge with a pair of scissors. Then (this is the really good part!) I took the cut-off edge and lined the sides of the egg compartment, so when I broke the egg in there, the rim of waffle material contained it. SO CLEVER! (Feel free to notify the Nobel Prize Committee.) I put waffle on the bottom, a slice of cheese, a thin piece of ham folded over a schmear of apricot jam (those who don’t like to mix their sweets and their savories can just gag and move on), then the egg in its compartment lined with waffle material, topped with the second waffle. Five minutes cooked everything nicely. Click her to learn more.   I removed the sandwich and put it on a small rack over a paper plate to cool off. By the time I finished my morning tasks, it was ready to eat.If precise timing is of the essence, suggest you set your timer for 4:30, to give yourself 30 seconds to run from the far corners of the house to rescue your sandwich. Five minutes was the outside limit to keep from over-browning the waffle. With an English muffin, it doesn’t matter so much as they are made of sturdier stuff. Check out more great sandwich and pannini makers here.

Time to Take the Plunge

My husband is going to have a fit when he sees how much money I spent on my new Wood Sunglasses. I normally would not spend that kind of money on something so little, but I have been wanting a pair for a long time, and I guess that I decided that it was time to take the plunge and get them. I know that he will never spend that much for my birthday or Christmas, so I did it myself.

High Quality Stationary bike at a Decent Price

I rarely write a product review + or -, unless the product is REALLY good or REALLY poor–I’m also not the easiest consumer to impress. I am happy to write a REALLY good review for the Exerpeutic folding exercise bike. I’m also happy to reccommend getting it at this great health and fitness sotre, because they have the best price for it. I am 6’2” @ 215 lbs with long legs and cycled quite a bit before injuries and schedules became a bit too busy, so I do know a fair amount about bikes. I thought this might be more of a disposable bike, last a couple of years at best, be too wiggly, weak mechanics..that kind of thing, but quite the contrary, I am happily surprised by the quality of the entire product. The craftsmanship of the Exerpeutic folding exercise bike is very good, the frame tubes are heavy steel with good welds, the seat is large enough to have an extended ride comfortably (probably the most comfortable stationary bike seat I’ve used including expensive gym bikes), the bike has a wide stable “footprint” when opened but is also light enough to move from room to room if needed (has wheels on the base also),the internal mechanics are very good, the bike is very quiet and comfotable with plenty of leg room for proper body mechanics as well, the computer screen readout is practical and easy to see and use. This is in not a “yeah right, what a joke” bike, it is well constructed and was well thought out! I am in no way shape or form associated with the bike company, the seller, or any party related in any way to this product, but I am please to review that I am impressed and very pleased with this bike! Check out more great health and fitness equipment here.Hope this revew helps anyone in the market looking for a great product at a great price! Click here to learn more on this bike.

Finding Cheap Skateboard Sunglasses

I am rather young as far as grandmothers go, but I still feel lost sometimes when the grandchildren ask for specific gifts. I am now searching for resources for cheap skateboard sunglasses. I can not comprehend the need for specific sunglasses for skateboarding, but if it would make them happy, I will do what I can to find them. They can be a bit hard on their belongings, so I would like to order a few, making it important to locate a good bargain.

Awesome Wood Sunglasses

My best friend got some new sunglasses and they are gorgeous. I did not believe it when she told me that they were wood sunglasses, but she finally convinced me. It was not until she showed them to me online that I believed her. I decided to order some because I liked hers so well. I am glad that I did because they are truly the best. I plan to get even more of them very soon because they are so awesome.

downloadable books I told my sister about

downloadable books that I told my sister about are always available on her computer now. Ever since I told her that I know a website that offers free but highly entertaining downloadable books, she immediately went to check that website and those downloadable books. She did not even ask for me for the second time or for any clarification about the website. She just went for them and since then, I have been noticing that she has been spending a lot of time on that book website, checking out downloadable books. I guess she must have really gotten to love what I recommended to her the other day.