So beautiful…like an old master still life painting!

So beautiful…like an old master still life painting!

I ordered this skirt in the green floral design and it is one of the most beautiful prints I have ever seen on fabric…it is just amazing. The pink floral also looks quite beautiful, so it was a hard choice for me, but I am very happy with the green since I don’t have much green in my wardrobe. There is also black in the background, so this will pair well with a black blouse, as well as any of the other lovely colors in the print. Altho the price is higher than that for many skater skirts, I would have paid even more for this skirt if I had seen it in a store, it is that wonderful, one of those items I just would not be able to walk away from, if you know the feeling! I consider it a junior size, the large will fit someone who wears a medium or large size in juniors. This skirt is a little longer than the other skaters I have purchased, but it is still several inches above the knee on my 5’3″ frame. The print and length make this perfect to wear to work, a nice dinner, the theater, or other setting where you want to look somewhat sophisticated, but still of the moment. I think it appeals to someone who is beyond her teen years, but there may be some very young ladies who are drawn to this beautiful print. Highly recommended for those who love beauty.

Excellent, even camping by water!

Most of us grew up with DEET and didn’t think a whole lot of it. Well, those days are over. DEET is still widely used because it is so darn effective. If you need to keep mosquitoes away you know you can count on DEET. By contrast you’ve probably been told you could try a particular beauty lotion and found that even if works a little bit, you still get thoroughly worked over and have to deal with the bugs a lot.It turns out however that nature has some tricks of her own. Now, insect “systems” … nervous system? neurological? is there a difference? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter for these purposes … insect systems are totally disrupted by a couple of very common compounds produced by plants. This is NOT by chance. Plants produce these compounds to protect themselves from being eaten up by insects (turns out they don’t like bugs so much either!). These plants include some of the mints, geranium, and this lemon eucalyptus.Lemon eucalyptus is actually what they make citronella out of. I myself have never had good luck with citronella. The lemon eucalyptus oil works better. But does this stuff work as well as DEET? Absolutely not. If you are going to spend a week in a swamp then you will *not* find adequate relief from this (nor, likely, from the DEET for that matter). However if you’re going to grill out back with your kids and your dog running around and you want to be able to get some protection that doesn’t have all the health issues but still actually DOES something then this is not a bad bottle to have around. I wish it had mint oils in it too since I’ve found them to be even more effective.If you are a camper (especially a car camper) this is a great spray to have around for when the bugs start to come out but you may not want to rely on it completely if the bugs are real bad.Related: My neighborhood also has a lot of paper wasps and I’ve found EcoSMART Wasp & Hornet Killer 14 oz. Aerosol (2 PACK) to be 100% ideal in killing them. It has mint oils and I trust it to knock out wasps before they have a chance to get mad and sting the kids…. and it does so with a pleasant scent to boot.I’ve also seen and used repellants based on mint to set up a “perimeter” and protect a whole area for a night that I found to be 100% effective.

most useful pants of ALL TIME!

I’m not in law enforcement. I’m not a contractor. I’m not in the military. But my profession as a photographer puts me in situations where I have to dress like i’m being deployed to Afghanistan. Lenses, batteries, flashcards, flashes, remotes, multitools, flashlights, greycards, light meters, sync cords, measuring tape, are just some of the items that I need to keep on my person, and be able to access quickly and easily. I usually carry a bag with several compartments, but when it’s hot, and i have to move around a ton, i prefer these pants. There is a pocket for everything with these suckers! Best feature, are the back pockets. I can fit a 200mm zoom lens and flash adapter in ONE back pocket! Second best feature, the knife pocket, roomy enough for a multitool and a streamlight stylus flashlight. And last, the clip on the beltloop, perfect for clipping my flash meter on, or a second body in a carrying case.Even loaded to the rafters, these pants are comfortable, cool, and let you maneuver nicely. I’d order a size bigger than you wear in jeans, even with the elastic, these are sized more like dress-slacks. Fit is great, length is perfect. You don’t have to be a SWAT team banging down a door, or a military paratrooper to get full use out of these pants. When I’m not working in them, I’m using them for a long Motorcycle trip (the pockets are great for biker stuffs and cool in hot weather riding), or on a camping trip, where they withstand a beating but always come clean.I have some knock-offs, but the 5.11 are definitely worth the extra money.Good GD Pants.

Compliment Your Look with Wood Sunglasses

After stepping on your sunglasses, you need to purchase a new pair. At the store, you do not like any of the sunglasses. You spend time trying them on, and they do not look good on you. Instead of purchasing a pair that does not compliment your look, you go online to see more options. Once you are online, you see the look of wood sunglasses. You like the look of them, so you decide to purchase them from the online store.

The concept of coupons for the purpose of marketing in the trading industry


 Coupons are a form of a ticket which is used for marketing of any products. This form of a ticket is used to exchange it for a good discount on any item which you are buying. People when get these coupons, they feel free to shop and also does shopping in a relaxed way. The companies who are launching new product, they sometimes try to aware their customers about the product through advertisements. This is the way they spread their brand awareness and let people know about the product.

The concept:

Coupon can be of any type and can be used for any purpose. This completely depends on the company and its product. The consumer goods’ manufacturers issues coupons and retailers also uses the tickets for their increase in sales. These tickets are distributed by many kinds of media. There are magazines, newspapers, and nowadays mostly through the internet these tickets are distributed. Restaurants which have opened recently also distribute food coupons for their regular customers. They also distribute these tickets in the internet through some websites to market their brand. It is a very good way of marketing and also very much effective. These discounted tickets are a way to attract customers and in return the business is increased. Hence it is a win situation for both the sides.


The restaurants have to make different priced food coupons, so that they can attract all types of customers. Through the use of coupons, the companies can understand what price the consumer prefers. Basically there are various types of consumers with various price preferences hence it is very difficult for the company to set the price of any product which will be granted by a consumer. The coupons are a good way to judge the minds of the consumer and hence they are a very useful thing produced by the companies.   


Enjoy your holidays at cheaper rates now, with holiday voucher codes

Holidays are much needed break that everyone deserves. If a holiday is spent with your family, it strengthens the bond that might be dwindling. If you spend your holiday with your spouse or lover, it helps you spend some quality time for romance in various wonderful and romantic locations. And if you are lone traveller, then the dream of travelling to those places is enough to drive your cravings. But in all those, if money becomes an obstacle, then holiday voucher codes are here to help you out.

How to spend cheap holidays

Spending cheap holidays do not necessarily indicate that you need to take a trip to the place where the cost of living is not high and the travelling from your place is cheap. In today’s market, you can travel to any of the top locations of any category, whether romantic place or adventurous places, you can make your trip cheap with low cost holiday voucher codes. These codes are generally applicable in numerous popular destinations and also available with quality accommodations and restaurants in the destination. There are even restaurant voucher codes available specifically to help you make the best of the local foods.

How to get these codes?

If you have not used any of these codes, you must be unaware of the fact from where you can get such vouchers. Basically UK voucher codes are available from online services as well as top outlets availing the offer to their customer. The offers in the outlets generally hold that you have to buy or use their service up to a certain amount and you stand a chance to win the free discount vouchers. On the other hand, the internet services allow you to get these codes, normally without having to spend anything. Just visit the right site that actually provides such discount vouchers and you are ready to make your trips, even more wonderful with the reduced cost of travelling and accommodations. 

Enhanced endurance performance

When my brother was looking for enhanced endurance performance in his gymnastics routine, he told me that some body builder recommended that he use a product. It's the one you read about in the nitric oxide supplement reviews. So he decided to try it and voila! It worked for him right away. He said he would also like to attract a nice pretty woman. What did anyone have for that? So if you have ideas, please respond here with links, too, and I will pass them along to my brother. He has been single too long and really wants to settle down.

Fast Shipping on Designer Wood Sunglasses

As you put on your sunglasses, you discover that they are broken. You need to wear them until you can purchase another pair, and you need to purchase a pair quickly. The challenge you have is finding the time to go to the store, because you have a busy schedule. Instead of going to the store, you decide to purchase them online. Once you are online, you see a pair of wood sunglasses. You decide to order them, and the store has fast shipping.

Sunglasses Purchase Can Be A Positive Choice

I’m into style and fashion, but I’m also environmentally conscious and always on the lookout for ways that I can help those less fortunate than myself through the purchasing choices that I make. When I went to purchase my sunglasses for this summer, I kept those things in mind. I was very pleased to discover that I could purchase top quality skateboard sunglasses that are unique and durable and also support the environment and a non-profit organization that helps people in India who suffer from eye disease. It was a win-win purchase all around!

Groomsman Cufflinks Are Gifts That Will Be Treasured

Nothing about your special wedding day is common. You want to make the day full of memories, and it can cost quite a bit of money. However, there are the small things you can do as well to spice up the day and make everything memorable and unique. How about checking out non-traditional groomsman cufflinks? These can be very special and inexpensive gifts that you can give to people once the reception is over. Or, this can be done post-batchelor party instead to commemorate the event. These cufflinks make great timeless gifts that everyone will appreciate.