I love this jacket! I am so glad I found it! It is replacing a very similar jacket that has finally given up the ghost after 7 years. Like my other one, the soft pliable rubbery fabric is not breathable – but that means that the rain won’t come thru either. My family and I hike, camp, and sight see for weeks on end and that often entails driving rain at Bar Harbor, blowing spray at Niagara Falls, and everlasting misty wind at the beach. I’ve worn it thru pouring rain for hours and rarely get wet. It will not fold into its own pocket but will roll into the bottom of a pack. This jacket has ventilation – the front horizontal silver stripes overlap and have mesh underneath. The arms have adjustable velcro at the cuffs – it keeps water from dripping back into your clothing. The bottom is adjustable but you don’t want it too tight – the water will run onto your jeans nor there be room for proper ventilation. I really insist on the two way zipper it has – it makes sitting in the car or going to the bathroom much easier. With the hood being one piece with the jacket, rain doesn’t blow down your neck. The reflective stripes on the front – and one in the back make it safer at night. The silver touches make the coat so cute with my silver hair and the coral brightens up my skin tones and makes it easy for my hubby spot me among the crowd. The color is quite cheerful during the dreary rain. I ordered two sizes. My normal size fit exactly but I am keeping the next size up. You’ll want a larger size – if the coat is too snug, you’ll strain the (rubber) seams and the water won’t sheet off properly. With a sweat shirt under it, you’ll be all set to weather the chilly fall drizzle or early spring breezes. Without the sweat shirt, you’ll use it all summer. I probably wouldn’t use it for the Everglades during the very hot, very humid summer because of breath-ability but would include it for a PEI rain in the fall. My only hesitation is that the zipper doesn’t have a protective flap. It’s possible the rain will come in. If it’s a problem, I’ll update this review.An additional note: I have very long arms and the sleeves are long enough. I also forgot to mention that the body hangs lower than my hips – a good thing as the rain doesn’t roll down and drain onto my pants. There is a flap for the zipper – it’s under the zipper, not over. I’m finding I reach for this jacket in wind as opposed to my light fleece jacket – great wind buffer. The pockets are warm, stretchy flannel – nice for cold hands!

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