ALL Nike’s squeek. Here’s how to fix it…

I own these shoes in sz 10.5 and love them. Not as comfy as my 2009 Air Jordans (Red/White), 2007 Air Force I’s (white/white), or Monarch II’s (white/blue) but the style makes up for it. As you can tell Im a fan of Nike’s ‘Air’ line but lemme tell you what… THEY ALL SQUEEK! Even the $300 Air Jordan’s…sad.Here’s what the problem is, and you can check this on youtube…The insole of the shoe can be pulled up (sometimes they just come up on their own after a while and you can play with it with your toes) and you’ll see a layer of nylon. Under the nylon layer is the air bed (looks like bubble wrap but is harder), under the air bed is where the rubber starts. The air bed rubs against the rubber, usually right around the ball of your foot area, and it makes the squeek. You’d think that after all the moaning and groaning about this issue for the last few years Nike would figure out how to fix it. But apparently they just dont care. They know you’ll buy em anyway because they are truly one of the most comfortable and stylish brands on the planet.Here’s how to fix the squeek…Un-lace them and pull up the insole. Some Nike’s have a little hole right in the middle of the nylon layer, some dont. Either way doesnt matter. Grab some baby powder or foot odor powder and give each shoe about 3-4 good healthy dashes of the powder. Try to get it in there good from the front all the way to the heel. Put the insole back in. Walk around, do some jumping jacks, dance…whatever you want to work the powder all in there and filter thru the layers (which it will!). Enjoy your quiet Nike’s again. You’re Welcome 🙂

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