Yes, the quality is “okay”. But don’t complain on your review about how you were expecting it to be sewn by hand out of perfect materials in the congo. You paid 18USD for this bag, and you get what you pay for.I’ve had one issue, all of the zippers would not zip when dragged. I simply rubbed wax on the teeth, wiped off the wax, and slightly pinched together the zipper (not the track but the mechanism) with a pair of needle nose pliers. It now works perfect with no issues.It has great space and is somewhat durable. I mostly carry my gameboy, DS, a book or two, a pipe and a jar. Sometimes chargers, cigs, shirts, and my DSL camera. If you are planning on cramming 10 hardcover textbooks in it, you ordered the wrong bag but I really doubt that ever was the purpose for the bag.All in all, even before I fixed the zipper I planned on paying someone to sew on a new one for ten bucks. I really like the look of the bag. For 18$ this is a great buy. I gave it five stars because I read all of the reviews before throwing my money at things I don’t research and I have the intellectual capacity to fix something (and do a good job..) if it breaks. Like anything you buy or own, it may at some point require upkeep. I knew in my head that there might be an issue or two and took that into consideration when I purchased it.I highly recommend this bag to anyone who is responsible. It’s not a 200$ hiking bag, and just if you were to buy an iphone, if you don’t take care of your things they will break.

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