At Home Spa Treatments With Dead Sea Mineral Salt

My sister has really developed a “back to nature” orientation to everything she does. She cleans with green products, buys organic produce and makes her own soap and laundry detergents. Most recently she has been investigating the healing powers of Dead Sea mineral salt. She read up on using the salts as an exfoliant scrub in the bath and shower. She acquires the Dead Sea mineral salts from a supplier who is overseas. When they arrive she combines them with natural substances like avocado paste, ground almonds and safflower oils to form a masque that is applied to the skin. She recently gifted the women in the family with small samples of her personal mixtures. They smell wonderful and I am looking forward to using them myself. I am encouraging her to set up a small business on Etsy to sell her concoctions. I think there are a lot of women who would like to experiment with natural products but don’t really know where to start.

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