Authors Should Capitalize On LinkedIn Groups

As an author, you can not afford not to have numbers. This is because the tyranny of numbers determines how far you can go with your book. It is therefore important to join any groups that are within your reach. LinkedIn has a groups feature that makes it possible for community members to participate in focus groups.

They are not different from the ones in facebook and so it should not be a problem to join one. But this does not mean that you are limited to one group. In fact you can join as many groups as you wish provided you will be able to remain active in all of them. These groups are very useful for enhancing your book’s publicity

Join Medium Sized Groups

The biggest mistake you can make is to join big groups that have thousands of members. Most authors make this mistake without knowing and imagine that they will have a bigger audience by capitalizing on numbers. The truth is that your chances are very narrow in such groups because there are people who literary dominate them and therefore it will take you more time to gain popularity.

It is recommended that you identify a group whose members have common interests in matters that relate to your genre. For instance, if you have written a recipe book, you would fit better in a group that discusses about travelling issues including rating food joints and bars. Moreover, your identity will most likely shine in groups that have fewer members because there will not be many people initiating discussions.

Participate In Heated Debates

As an author who has a clear focus of future goals, you should know that your main objective of joining LinkedIn is to earn publicity which in return translates into sales. You are therefore advised to ignore group discussions that do not attract much attention. It does not matter how long it takes before a heated debate erupts but you just have to wait for one because that is where you will be able to maximize on your visibility. You should use such discussions to demonstrate on your rich knowledge in the subject that has been put on table. That way people will notice you and probably start following you and possibly consult you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take the Lead

Joining groups does not mean that you have to wait until others come up with a discussion. Once you have been active in several discussions, you should be able to come up with a hot topic. However, you should identify the people who are active on group discussions so that you can come up with topics that will touch on their lives. That way, people will notice you for coming up with interesting discussions which is what you are after.

Keep the Fire Burning

When you initiate an interesting discussion, be rest assured that group members will make their contributions towards it. On the other hand most of us have tight schedules and so in most cases an author creates a hot debate and logs out. The problem with this approach is that you can not see the comments that have been made on your topic unless you visit the groups.

It is therefore important to regularly visit group discussions so that you can answer the comments that have been put forward by others. That is the surest way of keeping the discussion alive. When you do not respond to comments that are in your discussion, the people who reacted to your topic are detached from the discussion because you are not answering their questions as need be. Are you looking for a renowned publicist? Look no further than Sand Piper.

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