Best. T-Shirt. Ever.

I’m not a small person. I’m 6′ 3″ and have been mistaken at the beach for a Beluga whale by near-sighted Greenpeace activists wanting to drag me back into the ocean.It’s rather hard to find these kinds of t-shirts around where I live. Apparently all good, heavy-weight, all cotton t-shirts are illegal (That’s the only reason I can think of for never finding them) because stores just don’t sell them unless they have pockets or corporate logos on them. I’m not happy with the short (as in regular sized) t-shirts I have, and hate being a walking advertisement for some sports company (and they should be VERY glad I don’t wear their stuff!) and dislike pockets on my t-shirts, so I took a chance on these shirts and ordered a few from Amazon a few months ago.I love the thicker t-shirts because they tend to wear better than the thin ones. I’m also a fan of cotton, which breathes much better than even the cotton/poly blends. When I sweat, rivers downstream from me go over their banks, so breathing is a good thing to let that evaporate instead of inundating unsuspecting river shore residents due to a bad synthetic blend. The 100% cotton on these makes them excellent in keeping me drier even on hotter days.But the real ornament at the top of this tree is the length. It sits where a shirt is supposed to sit. Unlike it’s regular sized cousins, it doesn’t turn into a halter top at inappropriate or inconvenient times. Plumber’s crack is no longer a problem, either, much to the relief of innocent bystanders who would otherwise be exposed to that horrifying sight.It says it’s pre-shrunk cotton and for a change, it is. I’ve had these long enough to have them washed several times with only minor fading and no shrinkage at all. They also seem to keep their fit instead of relaxing and turning into a tent hanging listlessly from your shoulders.I like them so much, I ordered enough to replace all of my shorter t-shirts. I figure some shorter person will get more enjoyment from those while I thoroughly enjoy my new ones.

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