Big girls Sports Bra

Awesome acitvewear store where i got this sports bra: I’m still waiting for someone to invent the PERFECT sports bra for booby runners, but in the meantime, the Fiona should be a go-to sports bra for all women runners with a C cup and bigger.I have worked at a running store for two years, have been a runner for nearly a decade and have never been smaller than a DDD cup (although cup sizes are hard to quote because there does not seem to be one standard system- F, E, G, DDD- they all seem to be used interchangeably depending where you are). It seems that most women are drawn to the traditional racerback style (because that’s what everyone thinks of as a “sports bra“), but that design just does not work for us big-chested women. I’m always amused by booby women who dismiss the Fiona or Maia because the the hooks are “too annoying.” More annoying than an hour of your boobs flying in every direction (not to mention the pain)? Granted, the Fiona does not look as sexy as those Champion bras that work perfectly with a racerback tank top, but you know what’s even less sexy? Saggy boobs at age 30. I know, it makes me angry too- it’s just not fair. Don’t you wish those A-cup women who complain about small breasts could try just ONCE running with what we’ve got? Nevertheless, we’re in this together and luckily we’re getting closer to something that can totally support us.I’ve run with the Maia, Fiona, and Helena (I won’t even bother with the Dori- great bra, but not for my size). Although the Maia looks as though it’s far more technical than the Fiona, it just doesn’t compress my chest enough to be supportive. The Helena is fine but I can’t get the sweat smell out when I wash it. Almost all women customers who go into the dressing room with an armful of heavy duty bras (including the totally overrated, Oprah-endorsed Enell) leave the store with the Fiona. No joke.However, as I noted earlier, it’s not perfect. I suggest going down in size (either in width or cup size) to get a little extra compression. I always wear a sports tank with a built-in shelf bra over the Fiona. It’s like a bra and a half, rather than two bulky bras (which of course I’ve done for years). This will create the needed support to keep that chest tissue from stretching too much.Most importantly, however, I recommend finding a local running store and trying on a bunch, including the Fiona. Fiddle around with the size- go down until it’s too tight to wear. Sports bras are like running shoes- the only way to tell if it’s going to work is to put it on your OWN body. Support the running store (if you like the service) and buy your first bra(s) there, and then buy online if you want once you find the right bra for YOU. More great sports bras at this link.

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