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Awesome site where i bought this board. I actually ordered a Blade 3, but a Blade 4 was delivered: must have been a stocking issue, but no complaints.I’ve had an inexpensive, regulation board for ten years and although it severed me well, bounce-outs were frequent and very frustrating: particularly around the bulls eye. I even tried setting the wire below the bristles with a mallet and punch, but that just made it more difficult to read the score: bounce-outs continued.This Winmau board it truly professional quality, and well worth the Amazon price. Graphics are clear and crisp, and the beveled wire-face has nearly eliminated bounce-outs for me. I used to get 2-3 per game; I believe I have only had two or three bounce-outs in the five months I have owned this board. I often hear the dart-tip strike the wire and hold the board. My roommate gets more bounce-outs than I, but his darts never land straight.The mounting hardware and instructions were easy enough to use with minimal head scratching; but certainly no extra-credit points there. A small booklet on rules, and instructions on a handful of games, are included with the board. It also comes with printed endorsements from professional players, along with a few tips on technique: although some were not so useful, like, “Try real hard each throw.” which, I think is supposed to mean, focus and concentrate.My board did have a very small defect on the bristle surface, which I did not notice for the first few weeks: a spot about .2″ where the surface was not flush. I might have exchanged the board, If I had noticed this immediately but since the board was already used, I didn’t see the point in complaining. And, by the time I noticed it, I was already so pleased with the overall quality, that I didn’t care so long as it did not affect play: I have since stuck a few darts into this spot without a problem. Great games and game room products available here.Buy this dartboard, you won’t be disappointed.

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