Champion PowerTrain Heather T-Shirt

A standard sports shirt at a cheap price. Wicks moisture and dries well, like night and day versus a cotton shirt. On hot and muggy days during the Minnesota summer I prefer these to cotton shirts even if I’m not doing anything active. It’s much lighter, more comfortable, and stays dry.The shirt appears and feels well made. It’s just right in thickness for warmer temperaturs. When bike riding on cooler nights I usually supplement more layers as this material gives up heat more readily than cotton. On hotter days however it’s a must! Wouldn’t recommend throwing these in the drier, but they dry so quickly that hang drying doesn’t take much longer anyway.

I got the “Team Blue Heather” one, this one certainly does its job in drying quickly while running, I’ll give it that. I’ve bought several other Champion shirts in the past that had “Double Dry” printed on the back label (and those were pretty good, four/five star), this one says “Powertrain” and is a bit thinner and weaker around the neck (while it has a back grey neckline protector like the other shirts, it doesn’t seem as strong and so I suspect the neckline might get worn out faster than the others.) But I’m confused though, I ordered another shirt labelled “Powertrain” (orange color) and it looks just as good/strong as the other “Double Dry” ones I have.The large-size shirt I ordered seems larger than average, so if you’re unsure if you need a medium or a large I would go with the former. (I’m 5 ft. 8 inches, medium build, roughly 170 lbs.) If I had to order again, I would choose a medium myself.

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