Classy, Sweet and Sexy

Burberry is by far my favorite perfume I’ve ever worn in my life. I have worn it for years and still never get sick of it. On my skin, it smells warm, slow & sweet, like warm honey, subtle and balanced to also be classy and sexy. I have been told that this perfume smells much differently on me than other people (I guess we were made for each other!) so I’d recommend trying it on at a department store first to see how it wears on you. I’ve had some perfumes I love the smell of not work on my skin at all (like Bvlgari Noir Jasmin, which is a beautiful perfume but turns into an “old lady” smell on my skin after about 30 minutes) so always try stuff out first.It’s a very soft scent, the kind of perfume you only smell when you are close to someone. If you are looking for the kind of perfume that announces you in a room, this isn’t it. The scent lasts a long time, I will smell it clearly on sweaters that I haven’t worn in months when I take them out of my drawer. I’m sensitive to perfumes and this one does not give me a headache.I seriously can’t say enough about it. I always get huge compliments when I wear it, especially right after I first put it on and the scent is still strong enough to attract attention. Unfortunately, I dropped my current bottle on the floor and broke the sprayer, so half of my 100ml bottle is stuck inside 🙁 Buy this exact product right here!

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