Elsa dress was a hit

This came very fast and in time for my grand daughter’s birthday, and she loved it. I bought it at this really cute, little on line dress store. To tell you the truth, it was better than what I expected after reading multiple reviews. This Elsa dress was a hit I don’t think there’s been a day I went over to see her, that she didn’t have it on. Yes, it could be made a bit better, but so far it’s held up ok. I had read that the sleeves were itchy, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem, she always has a shirt under it anyway.They are mainly throw away dresses, so you have to know that going in. But it was good enough, because I couldn’t afford the prices they were asking for the better quality, which was almost $300. for a normally 40 dollar dress, apparently due to the popularity of the movie. My 4 year old grand daughter did wear it in Disney and had her pictures taken with all the princesses with it on. If you want there are more dresses for girls on sale right here for you to check out! She loves her dress and was thrilled to get it, and 4 year olds don’t really know about construction or quality , so go ahead and purchase it, you’ll make the little girl in your life very happy. To me it was so worth it, and the colors of it are so pretty too. Click for more info on this really cute dress.

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