Excellent knife for the money.

Let me just say I am not an expert on knives. I’ve seen a few reviews that get very detailed and very critical of the blades on this site. You can not expect a hand made folded steel high carbon blade for under 20$ and if you do expect that you will never find it. You also can not compare a finely made high priced blade to a 20$ blade.That being said, this is a very nice knife for the price.I wish there were other images of this knife so you can get a true idea of what you’re going to get. The fancy scrolling that you can see in the image seems almost like an iron type of etching, and the handle is flat, for some reason i though it would be round.Mine, at least, had slight, i say slight flaws. There’s a little gap where the three pieces of steel come together to make the handle. It’s less then a millimeter but you notice it. it’s not bothersome to me i’m just saying.What i love about this knife is it is all steel, it’s heavy but not burdensome, and the blade itself is one piece that runs into the center of the handle. I haven’t sharpened it yet, i still need to find a sharpener that isn’t too expensive, so i can’t speak to how sharp you can get it. I don’t want to be able to shave with it but i do want it sharp.I bought this knife and a different one at the same time. I like this one better and this one was the cheaper of the two. It’s solid, it’s nice looking and it’s cheap. Both of the knives i bought were made in china, as are most of the knives being sold everywhere, so if that’s a deal breaker for you now you know. Really Nice knife shop where i buy my knives.If you’re a picky type or looking for a collectors item, buy local and stop leaving bad reviews on perfectly good low priced stuff just because you didn’t read the review and look for alternative images online to understand what you’re getting.

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