Excellent purchase for extended periods of time in the cold.

I purchased this item along with the SUB COLD long sleeve following a winter camping expedition in Minnesota where I came to realize this particular time I was under-prepared given the temperature. I had been wearing normal long johns and limited layers. Along with other clothing upgrades I decided to give these a try based on the high review rating.Performance – Before using these in the field for a long period of time I decided to test them out at home. I opened the window to the outdoor ten degree weather and sat at my computer while seeing how long it would take me to feel uncomfortable. In regular long johns it was about 5 to 10 minutes, however while wearing only these I was quite comfortable for closer to 40 to 45 minutes. This effect is considerably amplified in conjunction with general winter layering. The performance is exquisite for remaining comfortable in very cold temperatures and wicks & dries moisture extremely effectively. For these purposes the SUB COLD line are by far the best base layers I’ve ever used for cold winter temperatures.Comfort – This base layer fits incredibly tight on the skin. At first it was so much so that I almost felt slightly claustrophobic. After a couple uses I began to actually prefer its fit as it feels very much like you have a second layer of skin which provides substantial protection from heat loss, especially due to moisture from sweat during high activity. Movement is quite easy & natural, after a while I forget I’m even wearing it. The comfort of fit will definitely depend on the wearer’s physique. It’s perfect for those who have an athletic to average build, but will likely be overly confining to anyone larger or considerably out of shape (possibly even so with a larger size). Despite loving the fit it does take a bit of effort to put on and take off compared to regular base layers, however this inconvenience is minuscule compared to its benefits in cold weather.Washing – I’ve washed this about ten times or so and have had no issues to the fabric or to the logo yet. I always do air dry however, which takes very little time with this fabric.I would definitely purchase this item again as well as recommend it to others.

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