Excellent xbmc streaming functions, stylish design

The DLNA protocol is antiquated and toothy, what you want is a more modern streaming feature set. And this player has it. I picked it up for cheap on an online store. Click here to check them out.Nowhere on this page is it mentioned that this Blu-ray player has the xbmc program built in. This is a key feature for today’s home media streaming, but strangely Sony does not advertise it. Simply start xbmc on your media server/PC and the BDP-S5100 will immediately “see” the server and treat it as a UPnP device. Streaming media from an xbmc enabled machine to your Blu-ray player is that easy.You do not get the slick menu design that you would get on a PC running xbmc, as that would require hardware accelerated 3D. Still, having the ability to easily stream your media library to this machine cannot be overstated. I’ve had no issues with 1080P streaming from an Ethernet connected PC, through a Linksys EA4500, to the BDP-S5100 over WiFi. No dropped signals, no stuttering, no longish load times. Your results may vary depending on connection and router quality – personally I’ve had no problems with the above set-up.I really like the look of it, with it’s vector graphicsy styling. It’s like something from Tempest, very sharp and angular.The Internet streaming functions, like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube work as advertised. I haven’t used the other features like Hulu Plus, or the TV SideView app for Android so I cannot speak to their functionality. Learn more on this product and similar ones by clicking here.And of course, it plays Blu ray discs along with standard DVDs and also 3D Blu ray. The up-scaling the player performs on standard DVDs is quite good. I would most certainly recommend this player to anyone interested in home media streaming, 5 stars!

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