I first bought this racquet 2 years ago and it was extremely powerful.The large head ensures that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to not hit the sweet spot.My wife was playing in a USTA league and needed a better racquet,so I gave it to her and it helped her game as well.After that I bought a Prince that was a bit lighter and used it for about 4 months and watched My son run me off the court using my wife’s Liquidmetal 8 after Thanksgiving last year,so I decided to buy another Liquidmetal 8 in Jan.This racquet is a keeper,although I would like to get the Liquidmetal 4 to see if it is true that it has a little more control than the 8.This is AN EXCELLENT RACQUET for intermediate and higher players. When My wife and I both hit with the Liquidmetal 8 the sounds are more like Sampras vs. Agassi or Venus vs.Serena.AN EXCELLENT VALUE!!!After hitting weekly with my wife for most of the spring/summer. I see that this racquet is top notch.The only other racquets that I could be interested in that have the Liquidmetals balance of power and control are the Head Youtek IG Speed Elite/Lite models.Whether or not I decide to use one of those racquets I am sure going to purchase another Liquidmetal 8 as a backup racquet for myself soon.A wonderful racquet.After buying 2 Liquidmetal 4 racquets and a Youtek Speed 300.I had both of my Liquidmetal 8’s strung at 57 lbs and gave one to my wife,and the other to my son.Dont get me wrong,the Speed is an excellent racquet,but I dont think that it’s the one for me.I am in the process of deciding whether to purchase one,or 2 more Liquidmetal 8’s for myself.Sometimes you can’t stray too far from Home!!!

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