Fantastic bike for the price

Let me start with some history. Thirty years ago I worked a summer job as a Schwinn bicycle mechanic. I loved that job. In the process I assembled a ton of bicycles. I also purchased a Schwinn Continental 10 speed. Thirty years ago that was a great bike. Even by today’s standards it would be a cool bike. That bike was stolen in 1982ish.Move forward to 2006. I started getting the itch to ride a bicycle again. I tooled out to WalMart and bought one of those RoadMaster MtFurys for 53 bucks and rode it everyday. I decided I wanted a road bike since I was riding farther and longer, week by week. So, I ordered the 63cm GMC Denali from Amazon.The bike arrived through the US mail in a box that looked like they dragged it behind the mail truck for a few miles. I was worried that something was broken. Nevertheless, I opened er up and the bike was fine. They packed it in a manner that allows it to take a bit of a beating in shipping. Since I was an old bicycle mechanic I never even opened the manual and put the bike together in about fifteen minutes. Basically that requires air in the tires, mount the front, put the handlebar neck in place, put the seat in place, put the pedals on, adjust the brakes, and ride. I chose to leave the reflectors off, for now.My first impression was that I found it awkward to have to reach down to use the brakes. I got used to that fast. My second impression was how effortless it was to go fast on this bike, compared to the el-cheapo quasi mountain bike described above. The 63cm, black and silver Denali, rides really smooth and the derailers are light years better than the ones on the MtFury. I have never had, nor will I ever own and multi thousand dollar bicycle. But, I will say that this bike is really fantastic for the price. I am so impressed with the quality for under two hundred bucks.The wheels and tires are quite narrow and 28 inches. Combine that with the aluminum frame, shimano derailers and it performs very well.Some folks don’t like the twist shifters. I find that I like it very much. I didn’t think I would but, I do.I wasn’t in a position to spend a grand plus on a road bike but, I was doing a lot of daily riding. This bike has met my needs perfectly. The WalMart bike is I guess exactly the same thing except that it’s a tad shorter. At 6’2 I find that the 63cm bike has me pretty much maxed out. I like it because it’s tall but, if I were any shorter it would be awkward. The height lets me really get the maximum out of a pedal stroke for power and speed.If I had a complaint it would be that the gearing is a bit short. That is that in top gear, on flat ground I max out the bike real quick. If it had a taller gear I could get more speed. The bike seems like it might be geared a bit short. On the plus side a reasonably athletic person wont need to shift gears much. Just keep her in top gear for most applications. You can get on it and boogie on down the road right now.The seat really aint bad. If you think it is try that anvil on the MtFury. Holy cow. I like the pedals on the Denali. They fit me perfectly.Nothing in life is perfect. But, for the price, you wont come close to his bike. I promise you that. Try it and see. I looked at used bikes before I bought this one. They were quite a bit more and looked rode hard and put up wet. The cheapest bike I found, used, near this price was a raggedy old Raleigh that the seller wanted $175.00 for. His bike had slick tires, scratches, and rust. It rode like an old bike with slick tires and rust. This bike rides tight and looks really nice. I found a Specialized bike that looked completely used up that the seller wanted the cost of three of the GMCs for. I decided that I could have three new bikes, back to back for the price of one bike that I wouldn’t trust to get me around the block. I bought the Denali.So, far I have ridden it a few hundred miles. I had one flat tire that I patched on the fly and kept on riding. It would be nice to have quick release axles. But, I carry a sawed off 15mm box wrench in by tool pouch. Works fine, last long time. They say that this bike is heavy. Come on now. It’s really not bad at all. If I were in the tour de-whatever it might matter. But, for a day of riding it’s a great bike. It’s a heck of a lot lighter than what I was riding ya’ll.If this bike were to be stolen I would immediately buy another one.

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