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This bow is positioned as a beginner bow, but don’t let that fool you.This bow is an all rounded winner. It is a light bow (I own this as well as a Bowtech Destroyer). It weights almost nothing compared to my Destroyer, which weighs 1-2 pounds more. This bow is fast and silent. You hardly hear a thing when you fire this. While this bow is not as fast as my Bowtech Destroyer (a $900+ bow), for $350, this is a sick bow. Even at 40 pounds, it has plenty of penetration power, and is a pleasure to shoot. It has no kickback, zero vibration, and is a marvel of engineering. I shot it at 50 yards and still have a hard time pulling it out.I love this bow. If you are a beginner archer, get this bow. It will last you until you have the spare money to get a “big boy bow” (like $800+). With a draw weight of 15 to 70 pounds, this bow is great for beginner target shooter to a full on bow hunter.Why pay big bucks for those expensive bows? You pay for a faster arrow. Why does that matter? The faster the arrow, the narrower the gap is between your sight pins. So why does that matter? Let’s say you misjudge a target’s range, from 38 yard to 32 yards…w a slower bow, your gap is bigger, so your chance of hitting the target too high, or too low is greater than if you have a faster bow.But you pay through the nose for this performance… both in terms of money and added weigh (around 1-2 pound more…and trust me, your shoulder will feel it). Also, these “big boy bows” are much more restrictive. They usually start at 50 pounds and come in 10 pound increment limbs. Eg, 50-60. Check out some of the top archery products around.

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