Feel like I won the lottery!! Avoid knock-offs and price gougers by buying from Amazon.com

It’s so hard to find Elsa and Frozen merchandise that isn’t a knock-off or that isn’t marked up 3 or 4 x the original price!Moms and dads – here’s what you need to do to avoid those knock-offs and make sure you pay the suggested retail price: go to Amazon, and type in “Elsa Amazon.com” and this will ensure that your results are from Amazon.com, and not a third-party seller. Amazon.com sells all the products at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (or lower), and they are genuine. It took me several tries (over different days) before Amazon.com finally had some of these dolls in stock. They were gone pretty quickly, and after they were sold out, all that was left were the dolls from the third-party sellers. Have patience – you never know when Amazon will get a shipment from the manufacturer.Based on reviews, it seems there’s a substantial risk that the third-party sellers are either offering cheap knock-offs or they are the mean people who snap up all the Frozen merchandise at the toy store (or on Amazon) and then turn around and re-sell them on Amazon for crazy prices. Let’s all boycott these meanies!When I finally got this doll (genuine, from Mattel) at the normal price, I felt like I won the lottery. Elsa’s dress does not have sleeves or bodice (instead they are painted on her arms and body) but she is beautiful for the price (just under fifteen bucks). Her face is beautifully painted and her hair and clothes were immaculate. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Elsa’s shoes actually fit, and stay on. Overall, I am so happy I was able to give this to my three-year-old daughter without having spent a fortune.

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