For those who want to know the details on an awesome shelf….

Great funiture store for this here. The corner wall shelf arrived in the mail today. I couldnt wait for it to get here, and put it together shortly after it arrived. At first I COULD NOT FIND the directions and actually thought they were not included/in the box but later realized they were hidden under the order slip. (Such a flimsy, lightweight piece of paper I would have missed it. So check the box thoroughly for the directions before you freak out.) It took me an hour to put it together and put it up (i was watching a movie so I wasn’t totally focused). It took about 15 minutes to put it on the wall, 45 minutes to assemble. It was simple, yes, but it took some work.It does not line up directly with the wall, but the 1/2″ or so is not really noticeable. I honestly don’t believe this was made to align perfectly with the wall, because even while I was putting the boards of the shelf together I noticed as I screwed in the nails that not all shelves were perfectly aligned. This did, of course, affect how it displayed on the wall, but not drastically. My mother saw it after I put it up and was pretty impressed with it.Overall, it is a pretty nice looking shelf. But don’t expect to use it for storage. I have a small bedroom in my apartment and was looking to make use of all the bare space on my wall, so I opted for wall shelves/cubbies and thought I’d stick this in the corner near my bed. A standard box of tissues (not the horizontal box, the vertical box) can fit, but the tissue paper doesn’t “sit up” out of the box. So that should give you some kind of idea of how much space there is between each shelf. I thought I could stick a tiny lamp I have on one of the shelves, but it doesn’t fit by at least 2-3″ because it is too tall. (disappointing. I thought it would be convenient to have right next to my bed. And more lighting. I guess not.) That being said, this corner shelf is more for decorative purposes, not utilitarian ones. I have a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to stick on floating shelves. (For the record, DVDs and small books do fit on this shelf) Now I have to either put my candles on these shelves (not because I need to, but thats one of the few little knick knacks that would fit. And I actually don’t know if thats safe), or go and buy picture frames, that sort of thing, to put on these shelves. So yeah, this is a pretty good buy if you know what you’re getting in to. It does add some style to the room and takes up empty space. But its not ideal for fulfilling storage duties. Check out more great looking and affordable corner shlelving.

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