Good coverage, Unisex apron

My girlfriend got me one of these and I’m impressed. If you’re not interested in a long “back in the day” story, you can stop here and rest assured you’re getting a very good apron. Check out where she got it for a good deal.Back in the mid eighties, I worked in the restaurant industry. Our linen supplier, who did tablecloths, napkins, kitchen towels, chef coats/pants and aprons would take all of the linens away every couple of days and replace them with freshly laundered ones. Occasionally they would offer clean, but stained beyond all hope aprons and side towels to the folks in the kitchen at extremely good prices…half a dozen aprons and a dozen towels for five bucks if memory serves. These were nice, big, white aprons made from thick fabric and with long, long ties. A half dozen of these aprons lasted me through the nineties and well into the naught years.Around 2005, it was time to start looking for replacement aprons. I’m 6’2″ with a 44 inch waist. Most of the aprons we could find in department stores were a)girlie, b)expensive and c)fit me about like a bib fit’s a toddler with nary a hope in the world of being able to be tied in the front.Years of hearing me whine about substandard aprons and a shared laugh when a “free with magazine subscription” apron arrived in the mail and came to just past my belt buckle led my girlfriend to find this. Not only does it come in a man friendly European chalk stripe pattern, it’s large, and above all else, the ties are long enough to be tied in the front. You don’t know how important something like this is until you lose it. More great aprons for you.

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