Good value and powerful I purchased this unit just over a month ago. It arrived in less than a week. I’ve had no problems with it yet. It is truly all metal except for the splash guard/ingredient chute. To address some other reviews that had me concerned. The head doesn’t slap around. That is a warranty issue for her. It does walk with big stiff dough recipes such as a two loaf all wheat. Simple physics, considering size and weight, tells you at medium to high speeds it will. Kinda lets you know it is a powerful electronic speed controlled mixer. I can easily steady the base for the few seconds to finish mixing. All other mixing jobs are done with ease. I, personally, like the tilt head. All stand mixers will require side scraping with some recipes, even the expensive KitchenAids. Although I made a five bar cheesecake yesterday and as I was watching the eggs, dropped in at the side one at a time, they were all fully captured and mixed in. I usually scrape once at the beginning and it spins into a dough ball at the end anyway. There is a dimple at the bottom of the bowl to help pick up added flour during the mix. Speaking of KitchenAid, have you read the reviews of those “attachments”? Besides being expensive they say all of them suck. It seems you can buy better and cheaper items to do the same thing taking up the same amount of space. More info on these stand mixers.So far I’ve made 4 loaves of baguettes, 4 loaves of wheat, 2 loaves of sourdough, numerous cakes, batches of cookies, and of course a large cheesecake since I’ve had it with no problems. (Now you can see why I needed a strong stand mixer! My church loves me now too!) The key is to read the instructions more than once to ensure you understand how to operate this model. It has some cool recipes in there too! And yes, it is very easy to clean as well.If you want a mixer to crank out mega-loaves of all wheat bread daily, (commercial), then this is not it. If you want to make great bread, dishes and pastries for your family then this can’t be beat at this price range with this much power. After all, as one consumer already stated, this is a “Consumer Reports best buy”. I’ve had a Sunbeam Heritage, (like the one shown on the Cookin In Brooklyn show), and contrary to popular belief there is NOT a motor under the bottom pedestal. It’s great for everything else but gluttonous bread dough’s. A white loaf every once in a while, maybe. But, I wanted to be more artisan and organic with my breads so I upgraded.Note: the short time I’ve had it is the only reason I’ve given it 4 stars. For me, longevity counts as one star.

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