Great All Around Sleeping Bag

Before we get into reviews one must remember the most important thing………this is a $50.00 bag! That being said I think it is the best overall value for a 0′ zegree mummy bag that is ideal for a number of uses. I have had an immense amount of camping experiences over the 27 short years I’ve been around. I am an Eagle Scout and have camped in all sorts of conditions all over the United States and Canada. Now dont get me wrong, this bag will not compare to my $300+ North Face sleeping bag but who wants to take a $300 dollar bag camping with your freinds on a local hike or to go car camping for a weekend? The Northface bag is extremely light and only needed when hiking on long treks where extra weight cannot be tolerated. This bag provides excellent value for several reasons. It is warm enough to take camping anytime of year. If you would like some more information about this bag you can find it by Clicking Here. I live just outside of Seattle and have used this bag in summer and winter. Although it is not an ideal weight to be packing up and down mountains, it is more than fine for a leasurly hike (1-7 miles) for a night or two. It is just right for my 6’3”-6’4” frame (although any taller the head covering will not fit). Overall I would rate this bag a 4 star simply for its wide range of uses. Anything from a younger child sleeping over at a friends house to an overnight trip in mid-december, this bag provides the simple basics that a sleeping bag should. Ample warmth, reliable construction and reasonble portability. If you are looking for a moderatly priced but good all around sleeping bag I couldnt reccommend a better bag. I would like to recommend everyone check out this store if you are looking to buy one of these.

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