Great for any noises!

Our two five year olds couldn’t wait to go to the circus, but we were concerned about out 10 month old and the noise of the event. We ordered a pair of these Baby Banz hearing protection muffs a couple of weeks prior to a trip to the Circus with hopes they would do the trick. Thanks to We are happy to report that they fit out little one very well and she left them on the whole time (to our amazment). In fact, about half way in, she fell asleep during the circus (second row seats and all). So, they fit our 10 month old with plenty more adjustment to go, they were not overly tight or anything and they just plain ol’ worked.The product themselves are not the best made things in the world. The plastic headband is a bit flimsy and if something is going to break, my prediction is this is where it will break. The padding on the headband and muffs probably won’t hold up over time , but it is soft and does work. I can see the need for using some of these lightweight materials on a product like this, so it doesn’t reflect that negativly in my review. I would say that these are a great product to have on hand for the occational use. If you need something for ongoing or constant use, then I would spend more money elsewhere. Check this site out for more stuff for your little guys.All-in-all, for the money, they work and work well. I give these a solid 4 stars.

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