Great Gaming Console

I was pretty much sold on the XB1 with the announcement of the Halo Master Chief Collection because of all the great memories I have of playing those games with friends. I got the version without the Kinect because voice and motion control were not too high up on my priority list; my main concern with consoles is the gaming and all the extra peripherals sort of take a back seat for me personally. With that being said, however, after having a month now to see the seamlessness with which the XB1 allows me to go from Television to a game to Skype to the internet, etc., I do recognize the potential value that voice recognition adds. I would say I’m a lot more open to the idea now and a Kinect may be in my future.Additionally, I’m really excited about the upcoming software lineup Microsoft has in store. I mentioned the Master Chief Collection before and the amount of content being packed into it has me chomping at the bit. Sunset Overdrive just looks like one of the most unique experiences to be had on any console and, with a talented developer like Insomniac at the helm, it will no doubt be a great addition to my game collection. Microsoft seems to be making efforts to gain ground on the indie game front with Ori and the Blind Forest set to debut as an exclusive later this year as well and it looks beautiful.One of my coolest experiences with the XB1 so far took place earlier this summer; I was able to get some Dead Rising 3 sessions in while simultaneously watching The World Cup, literally at the same time! This sort of capability shows to me that Microsoft really is set on forward thinking and innovation. It’s a shame that all that earlier back-peddling and questionable policy implementation left a sour taste in the mouths of so many gamers, but it’s good to see that the company has been responsive to the feedback of its customers.I have a PS4 also which I enjoy immensely and use quite a bit. Admittedly, my PS4 seems to run a bit more smoothly than my XB1; applications like netflix and amazon prime instant video, for whatever reason, always seem to freeze or pause to buffer a lot more often on my XB1 than my PS4, despite being connected to the same wifi network. Not a deal breaker, just interesting.All in all, I don’t think there’s really a right or wrong choice. If you’re able to get both I think that’s the clear way to go, but these machines aren’t cheap so that’s not a viable option for everybody. Still early on in this latest generation so patches, games and other updates are certain to be plentiful on both sides, so the futures for both are very bright. I’m very happy with my purchase of the XB1 and can’t wait to see what its future has in store. Happy gaming!

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