GREAT jeans. FYI “rigid” means shrink-to-fit, people!

These RIGID jeans are great. Check out this really cool online store where i picked them up! They are SHRINK-TO-FIT, I want to emphasize, because very many of the reviewers on here are ignorant of what the term “rigid” in the denim jeans world means! Rigid, hard, unwashed. The size listed is the size they will be when you have washed and dried them in a dryer, people! Just like Levi’s Shrink-to-fit 501’s. And because they are unwashed, once you do shrink them, IF you want to keep most of the original dark color, after the first wash and dry, wash them in cold and do not dry them in the dryer ever again. Okay I said my piece about that,hope it helps future buyers to understand what they are getting. I love these jeans. I usually only wear Levi’s Shrink-to-fit 501’s. These Dickie’s are MUCH less expensive, have a great dark color, and are tough. The only reason I gave them four instead of five stars is that they are bit long-waisted for me, but I am a fairly “short” guy so no biggie, it will fit most guys fine. I also wish they were button fly but again, no big deal. I like that the zipper is old-fashioned brass. I will buy these soon again, because they have gone up in price a few dollars, making them a whopping $17! Hey for almost 1/3 the price of 501’s, I’ll stick with ’em. Check out some more great information on these jeans right here!

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