Great media storage shelf for the price

Click here to check out this awesome home decor site i bought this on. I spent several months looking at CD/DVD storage units online and in stores, and finally settled on this one (shipped from Target). I paid $27.95 + $27.95 for shipping. That sounds like a lot to pay for shipping, but trust me, there’s not many units like this for under $60 in stores. Most I’ve seen are closer to $100, so I think the value is great, even when paying nearly $28 to ship it. This unit is attractive and holds a surprise number of CD’s or DVD’s. I thought my CD’s would fill this thing up, but there are still 2 empty rows!As far as construction, it’s not the best, but not the worst either. I have noticed after having CD’s on it for a month that the shelves are sagging slightly. It’s not bad enough that most people would notice, but I am worried it’s going to get much worse over time. Then again, all composite wood furniture I’ve ever had has done this. If you want something that’s going to last forever, you need to spend a LOT more money and buy something with wood, metal or glass shelves. Again, I think this unit is a great value even though it’s not the highest quality out there.This unit also came with a bracket and screws for mounting to the wall, which I did. It doesn’t really give you clear instructions for how to mount it to the wall, but I figured it out pretty easily. I definitely suggest mounting it to a wall – you don’t want it getting knocked over with 400 CD’s on it! Click here to check out some more great shelving.Long story short, this is a great storage unit for the price. Buy it.

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