Great Pendant. Classy and Elegant. She Really Loved it!

Bought this as a birthday present surprise for my girlfriend. I’d been waiting to buy her jewelry because I hadn’t found anything that caught my eye. This did, and I went ahead and took a chance on it. Especially since i bought it on this site:, i found it for a good deal on there, so that helped convince me to actually try and take a chance and ordering it online, instead of having to go out and del with a salesman at the jewelery stores.This peice is gorgeous. I did not have high expectations for it initially, as I would usually prefer to see the jewelry hands on before I purchase it. When it came, and I opened the box to see what exactly I got, I got extremely excited. I ended up taking pictures of it and showing it to my sister and a few of my female friends, all of whom became excited about it as well. It’s a simply stunning necklace. I won’t even say ‘for the price’, because I think any woman would be thrilled to have this. Just because the price happens to be low, this necklace is NOT ‘cheap’.Stone color and cut are great, setting works very well with it. The chain is probably the least impressive element, but it definitely doesn’t detract from the necklace.And, of course, most importantly– She loves it, and wears it everywhere. I have no doubt that it is one of her favorite pieces of jewelry in her collection now. Would definitely recommend this product to any other guy looking for something really special to give to someone in his life. For more info o perfect jewelery gifts, please click here.

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