Great Product for the Storage-Crazy

I’ll admit, I’m a power-user and storage-hound. While the Cloud is nice, I travel enough and work in Technology enough that there are simply things that I want access to on my devices without having to depend on a live Data Connection or without ripping through a metered Data Plan. If you yourself fit that description, then this card is worth considering. Buy this card at this electronics store ( for the best price on it.And like anything truly new, you will (at least for now) pay the price. At $119.99 for 119.1GB (Formatted) storage, the price-per-Gig currently works out to almost exactly $1.00. Compare this to the SanDisk Ultra 64GB (which was $39.99 on Amazon at the time of this review), which runs about $0.67 per Gig and you will be paying a 33% premium for your Mobile Storage Needs.First off, to answer the big question that everyone is asking: “Will it work with my device?” The answer is that if your device specifically states that it will support the MicroSDXC standard, it SHOULD support this card. If your device works with a 64GB MicroSD card, it will LIKELY support this card. If it doesn’t support a 64GB card, then it is less likely this card will work as well. For those who are interested, I’ve tested this card on both a Nokia Lumia 1520 and a Microsoft Surface RT Tablet and neither had any issues recognizing and reading/writing data on it.Speed-wise, Sandisk states speeds of up to 30MB/s and as is typical for SanDisk storage, the estimate seems a bit conservative, with my initial benchmarks speeds coming in at a bit over 43MB/s for 1,000KB sequential reads, and 40MB/s for 512KB random reads; with those numbers dropping off as the file sizes get smaller. This is approximately 20% faster than a back-to-back test against a Sandisk Ultra 64GB, which clocked in at 35MB/s using the same hardware and benchmark program. More info on this card here if you want it.

As for reliability, having only had the product long enough to benchmark it and test it on a few devices for compatibility, only time will tell on that one. All I can say is that historically for me SanDisk storage cards have been hands-down the best when it comes to overall reliability and I do still have 32GB MicroSD cards that are pushing 3 years with no issues.  More micro sd cards here.So, for now the SDSDQUA-128G-G46A gets a big thumbs-up from me.UPDATE:I’ve been using the card in a Nokia Lumia 1520 for approximately two weeks now and product continues to work great. Having this much offline storage for PP Presentations, Music, Videos, and Documentation has given me a mobile device that means I rarely feel the need to pull out a Laptop or Tablet while on the “Business Run”.

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