Great sandals for active lifestyle, worth every penny

Friends recommended these after I complained about not finding shoes that worked well and lasted. I about had a heart attack at paying $90 for sandals. They’re worth every penny and I’ve ordered my second pair.I live on a cruising sailboat in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. My husband and I love to hike and try to hike for two to three hours a day when we’re in an anchorage– starting in the water as we wade ashore, across the beach and up to the peak of the nearest hill. Desert hiking, over sand, dirt and rocks of various sizes. In towns, we go all over on dirt and paved roads and sidewalks. Temperatures are typically in the mid-90’s. Prior to getting a pair of Keens, I’ve never had a sandal or shoe — even sneakers or hiking boots — last more than three months; I’ve even had them fail on the second day of wearing them — and these have been name-brand, expensive shoes marketed for this sort of activity. The biggest problem has been that the layers of the sole have separated, although there have been other problems as well.In contrast, my Keen Newport H2’s are still wearable after 8 months and about 1,000 miles on them. That’s not a typo — about one thousand miles (I log our hikes and estimated the town miles). They are starting to show wear in the tread, some stitching is pulling out and the webbing is just beginning to stretch in the heels. Note that while we’ve been over some rough terrain, I haven’t taken them backpacking or true rock climbing. I’d guesstimate that half my use has been desert hiking, a quarter on beaches and dirt roads and the rest on pavement and concrete. Click Here for more information on these sandals.Several things that I like:– They can go from wading in the water to scrambling over rocks with no problem. They dry quickly and don’t cause blisters when wet.– Heat hasn’t caused them to fall apart as has happened with every other brand I’ve had (layers of the soles coming apart, etc.).– Where the stitching pulled out could easily be re-sewn with just a needle and dental floss — very FIELD REPAIRABLE!– The toe guard is wonderful.– The footbed and straps work to give you solid footing and support.– The webbing does not stretch and cause the fit to become sloppy.– They hold up well to all sorts of abuse.– No smell!!

I also recommend checking out this shop if you are interested in purchasing a pair of these sandals.

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