Great Value for the Money

I’ve owned a pair that cost me $180, and while they were no doubt the nicest most comfortable and effective pair of sunglasses I have ever owned, every nick, drop, or scratch drove me nuts. Paying $180 for that kind of torment, that at least for me is bound to happen, just wasn’t worth it. Since then I’ve never been a fan of expensive sun glasses.The only reason I rated this product a 4 and not a 5 is because they are certainly not on par with Oakley’s, Costa’s, or RayBan’s; and I wouldn’t want anyone to think you get anywhere near that kind of quality for $20. That’s like expecting Cadillac quality when purchasing a Kia. They both do the same exact task, get you to point A to point B effectively, one simply does it with a lot more quality, comfort, and style than the other. But if someone dings the car door at the grocery store of my $15k Kia, it hurts a lot less than my $60k Cadillac.That said, they do a great job of blocking glare, are comfortable enough to wear all day, and look good. Which, in my mind at least, is everything a good pair of cheap sunglasses should do. If I drop them or scratch them, I won’t lose 10 minutes off the duration of my life being p.o.’ed at myself. Great sunglasses available here.Even while kayaking Tampa Bay under the bright Florida sun my eye’s were relaxed in these, which says a lot because my light blue eye’s have always been particularly sensitive to sun light. If you need a pair of cheap sun glasses these are great. More info on these great sunglasses.

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