Great value, great beanie too

Great store where i found this nice beanie. I was looking to purchase some slouchy beanies. I spent a good 4 hours on and off over a couple days trying to find not only beanies that slouched but were good quality as well.I read a lot of reviews of people complaining that the beanies weren’t actually slouchy. I was really skeptical because I’ve purchased beanies online in the past with not so optimistic results.In the end, I decided that I would probably be spending under $20 anyway (because I was looking to purchase 3 different colors.) I thought, “Whatever, I probably won’t spend over $20, if they’re good, they’re good, if not, it won’t set me back too much.”Decided to buy the dark grey, black and light heather grey, from the same seller. I will probably copy and past this same review on the other colors/section.One of the biggest complaints I saw from other reviews was that the beanie didn’t naturally slouch. While this was true with this beanie, I patted the “excess” beanie in the back and it slouched immediately. I’m still not sure why there was so much complaint.I also have, what my past girlfriend’s would consider, a “big head”. That’s another reason why I was really hesitant on buying a beanie online. In terms of fitted 59fifty New Era hats, the size I wear is 7 and 1/2, or 7 and 5/8. I was shocked to see how well this fit me. I thought this would be a very tight fit, another complaint I read consistently, but once it’s on, it’ll stay on, but it won’t be stopping circulation into your brain. The fit is snug, but not tight. It is surprisingly very comfortable.Quality feels really great for how much you’re actually paying. I’m not sure if it’s just the fabric, but it feels thick and firm. Click here to check out more great hats.Everyone’s different and everyone has different shaped heads. These specific beanies fit my head very very well and I’m very happy with the purchase.For the price you’re paying, you really can’t beat this.

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