H20: The True Sequel!!

The “Halloween” saga has always been a favorite of horror film fans. It began with a ground-breaking, terrifying original, and moved onto “Halloween II” which continued the story on the same night as the original, making it the perfect companion piece. While not as relentlessly terrifying as the original, it is a scary movie.Then came “Halloween 3” which had nothing to do with the rest of the series. It could have been an all right movie if they had left off the “Halloween” title. But it raised so many fan expectations that it fell very short.”Halloween 4″ brought Michael Myers back, and returned to the suspense of the first two films, heralding the 10-year-old original. “Halloween 5” was a step down in quality, with a good first 20 minutes, and suspenseful second half to make up for the “stupid teenagers” sub-plot. “Halloween 6” was on the same level as the fifth one–entertaining in parts, but it was so choppy, you could hardly tell what was going on a lot of the time.Then it came full-circle. 20 years after the original film came “Halloween: H20–Twenty Years Later”, bringing everybody’s favorite horror heroine, Laurie Strode–played by Jamie Lee Curtis–back to the screen. It bypasses films 3-6, and becomes a direct sequel to the first two. It is an excellent film, very scary and suspenseful, while not falling too much into the trappings of “Scream” rip-offs. With Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers going face-to-face 20 years later, it brings a successful resolution to the saga.“Halloween: The Homecoming” is supposed to be coming out soon, and I’ll probably see it, just because it too has JLC and Michael Myers. But I have a feeling that it is going to be about as good as “Halloweens 3, 5, and 6”, which is not very good. “Homecoming” will negate the whole effect of H20’s brilliant climax in which Michael finally meets with his death, and I think it should stay unreleased. If you want to experience the true story of Halloween, watch “Halloween”, “Halloween II”, and “Halloween H20”. This trilogy of Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis is super-scary and brings the terrifying story to a satisfying resolution.It begins 20 years after the first two films, and Nurse Marion from the first two finds her house broken into, with files on Laurie Strode missing, before Michael Myers kills her. Then Michael heads out to California, where Laurie is living under a different name, with her teenage son John, and running a prep school. But as Halloween draws closer, Laurie must finally face her demons, and goes head-to-head with her masked brother for a final showdown that has an unexpected, yet completely satisfying conclusion–bringing the story of Michael and Laurie to a close. The acting is excellent for a horror film, and it is a beautifully made film. The music, which hints at John Carpenter’s original themes, is very creepy. The direction is quite good as well. It is certainly the best of the “Halloween” sequels, follwed closely by “II”.The DVD is an awesome widescreen version. But there is no commentary as mentioned on the box, and no theatrical trailers. But there is a neat documentary on the making of the film. And the picture and sound quality is excellent. Buy H20 now, before it’s too late! You won’t regret it. Now you can see how the horror saga really ends.

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