Happy with Logan Riese Leather Jacket

I saw this leather jacket in the mall and it’s very fashionable!  It is black like all other leather jackets and it has this white trimmings.  I love the cross at the back, which is perfect when I want to dress up Goth-like or just add the jacket as an accessory to a plain outfit.  To my dismay, however, it was over a thousand dollars!  I can’t just buy a leather jacket like that.  I don’t want to spend a lot on my clothes and I want to be fashionable for a fraction.  Cheap clothes don’t make you a little less fashionable, right? Thank the gods of fashion when I found this great leather jacket from http://www.loganriese.com.  This Logan Riese black leather jacket is more fashionable and cheaper than what I saw in the mall.  This black leather jacket with blue leather trims and vine motif can make my plain outfits rock anytime.  I also love how ergonomic it is with the black leather pockets in front.  All these love from the black leather jacket for a very cheap price.  It is even way cheaper than the one that I saw in the mall.  Because of that, I didn’t hesitate a bit to purchase directly. I know I didn’t regret any bit.  The real thing was the real deal as it was described online with the images.  Now, I am planning to get maybe another one as present to my friends or to myself, why not?  I am happy with my Logan Riese leather jacket.

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