Help for New Authors Looking to Market Their Books

Finishing a book, regardless of its size or content, is a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated. However before the ink has dried, authors are tasked with Book Marketing, trying to make sure that the text reaches the right readers. Without the help of a professional, this can be an exhausting process. By turning over the reins to someone with experience in the industry, it is possible to get more enjoyment out of the post-writing phase of the journey.

There are multiple ways to stir up interest in a newly released book or a text that is set to release in the near future. However when tasked with signing up for events, scheduling interviews, or even arranging for a book signing at the local bookstore, many authors are completely lost. They know that they have a great book but they don’t always have the tools and resources necessary to share it with others. Unfortunately, too often authors attempt to handle the marketing on their own only to find that it was a lot of work for very little reward.

A book publicist takes on the critical role of getting the word out about the book. While the author is still involved in many aspects of the marketing process, the publicist knows which avenues to take when the time comes to set up book reviews, public readings, or even appearances by the author. Instead of just attempting to be at every event whenever possible, a publicist will help an author determine which will reap the most benefits and get the name of the book out there.

In reality, book publicity comes in a variety of different forms and new authors need the guidance that comes from someone seasoned in the industry. For most authors, the book marketing was not the reason for writing the book and some shy away from the limelight as much as possible. By handing over the responsibility, an author can trust that all efforts made are in the best interest of the book and his or her future. It opens up doors for future books and future opportunities.

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