How can you go wrong when your fold out chair has a cooler in the arm?

Great patio furniture store right here. Simply put, this is a great fold out chair. This style of chair floods the market during the summertime and it is easy to grab a cheap one for under $10. I have found they fall apart just as quickly however, and you get what you pay for.This Coleman chair is worth every penny – it’s comfortable, supportive, sturdy, convenient, and roomy. The cup holder is a common feature, but the cooler that is built into the left arm is unique. You could get an ice pack separately, but I have found that a handful or two of ice cubes in a small ziplock bag works just fine. The cooler is lined with the same type of plastic liner that you’d find in some child lunch bags. It comfortably fits 3 bottles with 2 small bags of ice. The side pouch with netting is good for keys, books, phone, sunblock, bugspray, or whatever else you’re carrying with you. It saves me a few trips to the cooler/car/apartment and that’s worth a few bucks in and of itself if you ask me. Fantastic information on this chair right here.It’s a bit bulkier/bigger/heavier than its cheaper counterparts, so the pack up and carrying is really the only negative I can think of. More great patio furniture is on sale right this second.*Update*3+ years later it’s still holding strong. Some rust has developed around the metal grommets and legs, and the plastic inlay of the edge of the cup holder has broken off, but it’s still my go to chair for the beach, camping, the park and BBQs. I agree that I have sat in more comfortable chairs in my life, but I can spend several hours in this quite happily in front of a campfire and my expectations for a folding chair are a bit different from a recliner or lounge chair 🙂

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