I just had to review this couch I love it so much

I just had to review this couch I love it so much.My boyfriend and I bought this as a temporary solution until we moved into a more permanent home. We’ve now had it for 2 months and have no plans to replace it. It is so comfy and only needs to be re-inflated slightly every week or so. There are separate chambers for each part, so its easy to get exactly the comfort level you want. The cup holders are great and the seat is normal height off the ground. The back is even high enough to lean your head against. If you are interested you can find more detailed information about this cought by clicking here.Obviously it looks like a cheap blow-up couch, but its ‘suede’ so it doesn’t really stand out in the room. I just put a blanket over the back and throw pillows in the corner.This couch is much, much better (less breakable and comfier) than the Ikea $200 futon we had before this, and more comfortable than the Target couch we were considering getting. It is perfect for college kids who have to switch apartments often and anyone with kids (super easy to clean and waterproof). If this couch popped I would buy it again and consider it well worth the cost. I would also recommend this couch to anyone looking for a fairly priced little couch. If you are thinking of buying it I would check out this store as they were running an excellent deal on the couch when I purchased it.

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