I support these as much as they support me!

I had read a couple of negative reviews saying that these did not support well enough during yoga routines. I am a big guy, (6’5″, 300 lbs.) and these blocks supported me completely. There was a little give when I pressed down on them for moves like half moon and twisting half moon, but it was absolutely necessary! If I would have gotten one of the other sets of blocks that are much harder, they would have really hurt my wrists. I now look forward to some of the intense yoga positions that I had not been able to accomplish before because I have begun to acheive them with the help of the blocks.The sensation that you get when you press down hard on these is the feeling of a stress ball when you squeeze. It is very firm, yet extremely supportive. I also love the different dimensions of the block that allow for varied use in different positions. They are each about the size of a small toaster and I would not be ashamed to bring these along with me to any yoga studio I might visit. It was so convenient that these also came in a two pack that was about the same price as a single block from another company. I don’t claim to be a yoga master, but for the average person who is trying to stay fit and healthy, these are fantastic. I use these for my personal stretching and exercise, but I also found that they fit perfectly into the Yoga X routine in P90X. I love these and would recommend them to anyone!

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