Incredible small kitchen

Click here to check out the neat little site i bought this on. I purchased this locally after comparing several models of these small kitchens. Our granddaughter visits us, and while I wanted to have a kitchen for her, I didn’t have a lot of space. I also wanted something that would fit in the fort in our back yard, so it needed to be moved easily.Since I saw it assembled at the store, and since the box was larger than the kitchen, I thought it was pre-assembled. At least that’s what I thought until I took it out of the box. OH MY! The instructions show 28 steps, but they underestimate the task, since some steps have several pieces to assemble.I may be a grandma, but I decided I could do this, and so I grabbed the two recommended tools, a screwdriver and clippers to separate the pieces. Two quick tips if you are getting ready to assemble yours. DO NOT separate the pieces until you are ready to use them. USE a phillips head screwdriver (even though the photo shows a flat head)). The screw will use either, but you need to apply force, and the flat head slips at times.Following the instructions, I assembled this in just under two hours and a half without help. Since the plastic had warped in the package a bit, I was worried about it fitting together, but everything went mostly smoothly. Mostly. I had a bit of trouble identifying how one of the pieces was supposed to go in at one point, but figured it out a couple of steps later, it took some pushing to make sure the screw holes aligned correctly on one piece, and I had trouble getting the doors in place. There was only one part that I really could have used an extra pair of hands, and that was putting the top and bottom halves together.There were several ways the manufacturer saved me from a lot of mistakes. Most of the pieces can only go together one way (the have a different number of parts to snap on each side). While the photos were sometimes unclear, the parts had part numbers molded into them, so you could identify them.Once the kitchen was assembled, I was totally amazed at all of the nice little features. The faucets turn, the burners are so fun, when you put a pan on the back one it lights and sizzles, and the front one lights and makes bubbling sounds! The oven controls (once I installed them correctly) make nice click noises as you turn them, the refrigerator even has an ice water dispenser. The labels that were the final touch made this really a fun looking kitchen!The 22 accessories that are included cover most kitchen items, but I found a separate food package that had the perfect size food, with cans, boxes, fruits and vegetables to round things out.If I didn’t scare you off with the assembly, this is an AWESOME value for the money! It turns out cute, and is a sturdy piece, I guess all of those screws pay off. It really looks nicer than ones that cost a lot more.Two issues I disagree with in the description. There is nothing resembling a real timer. And, since this is less than 3 ft tall, I would really set the top age for purchase as 8 years old, not 15. Kids might play with it longer, but probably would outgrow it pretty fast. More cute little kitchen playsets.

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