Looks Great!! Ordered a size 10

Measurements:5’4″Waist: 34″Bust:34CPurchased: Size – 10. Color – BurgundyThis dress is exactly what I wanted, I’m very pleased with how it looks!! It is very figure flattering and the design is kind to my stomach and other areas that I’m not always happy with. I think this is the sort of style that would flatter anyone; smaller or larger than my own measurements. The bow is very cute, and I can’t wait to wear it for a holiday ball I’m going to me, I know my guy will like it ^_^ Although I should note the following:The bust area: (Beware)- Transparency (‘i-fy’, but fine with the dark color)- Structural support (egads…)The other reviewers were correct, there is no structural support in the top of the dress, and the material is see through and thin at first glance for the bust. When I put the dress on the transparency problem actually went away, so no worries there. Though I don’t know what might happen with a lighter color… (The burgundy was slightly more apple than I had imagined, but it’s a fantastic holiday color regardless!! )** The lack of structural support is a problem though, I decided to insert a red bra into the dress to give it more stability and maybe fashion some straps. The saggy problem people were mentioning is a reality, unfortunately – but I think it can definetly be worked around with the right bra and some clever pinning. When you have it set right, It looks exactly like the model. I think on the model in the picture, the top is pulled and set up higher, and closer to her neck somehow, and looks more rigid. That is not the way the top naturally lays and I think that’s what people are mainly dissapointed with and I can see why. When you put the dress on the material tends to sag because its light and there is no padding. Like I said though, if you are willing to fiddle with it and manipulate it into proper fit with the right bra (Something with loads of support, maybe a shaper or corset, (which rises higher on your bust) which you will probably have to pin the dress to or the addition of straps it looks brillant!!Really good things:– Figure flattering- Drape- Color- Shipped very quickly (good if you’re ordering last-minute, like me)The material is great for the flow on the length of the dress, the way it drapes and moves. It is such a pretty dress!! The color i slighter and a bit more apple-ish in my opinion than the picture, but its a fantastic color!! The bow and waist is perfect for hiding trouble spots in hips and stomach, and accentuates your curves in a good way, I am so happy with the way it does that!! For me personally, the dress was a little big I maybe should have gone a size down, but the Ribbon allows me to make the dress more snug, so I won’t be exchanging it, because I don’t want to make the mistake of ordering too snug. So it’s more just loose in the waist than anything.

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