LOVE my running skirt!!

Click here to check out where to get this product for the best price. I had always been intrigued by people in running skirts. I never really understood why people would want to run in a skirt (I’m not a dress wearer….). But I took up running somewhat seriously a couple years ago and after trying so many different kinds of shorts that would ALWAYS ride up I started looking at other alternatives. I’m not thin enough to just wear those skin-tight shorts (and not sure I would wear them even if I were…) so I started looking at running skirts with the shorts underneath. At the time I was training for my first half-marathon and it was chilly outside so that brought me to the Skirt Sports skirt with capris underneath. I will never run in shorts again. I will invest in several running skirts, specifically only from Skirt Sports. I got my capris/skirt just in time for the half marathon and broke one of the cardinal rules of running….I ran in new gear for the race without trying it out beforehand. I loved it. The material is soft and light, the waistband is snug yet not binding, and THE POCKETS…the pockets and the hole in the side for your headphones are just the greatest. The capris are a little long for me (I’m 5’2″) so I find myself adjusting them to hit more at my knees for comfort’s sake and they thankfully stay put.A friend of mine tried a skirt from a different manufacturer and she hates it because the shorts ride up. I recently bought a Gym Girl skirt from Skirt Sports and I am not disappointed. It’s got the same great fabric and pockets and the shorts do not ride up. I can’t say enough good things about these running skirts, I’ll remain loyal to Skirt Sports unless they inexplicably change how they make their products. More Great active skirts here.

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