Love these Leggings

I purchased these leggings along with one other pair and spent an ungodly amount of money (on the OTHER ones), planning to send one back. I bought them both here. I’ve been looking for so long for a pair of leggings that was just right…you know, wide/thick enough waist band to be flattering as well as comfortable, and material that is nice and thick and soft but still breathable…etc. I guess I had a lot of expectations (ha).Suffice to say, these met them all. More great reviews on this item here.The other pair I purchased were the ones I expected to be the better of the two…they were 75.00 dollars!!! (Compared to these ones at 28.00). I really liked the waist band on the expensive ones, but it wasn’t much more impressive than the waist band on these, and the material was not quite as thick and warm. They also didn’t breathe at all, so my legs would feel kind of “sweaty” even if the air was cool and I hate that :p The most alarming part (okay, after the price, that is) was the way the calf/ankle was so super tight, and the waist/butt area not quite tight enough so that all day long the pants felt like they were riding DOWN – not something I’ve experienced before but quite unpleasant. I kept having to pinch a bit of the pant in the thigh area and tug, tug, tug them up…though they’d just ride down again within a few minutes.Anyway, these did not do that, they fit wonderfully, the material was perfect and I’m now ordering two more pairs. I’m leaning toward even more than that (I’m one of those people that has the urge to “stock” up when I DO manage to find the “perfect” item) because I don’t know if I’ll ever find them anywhere else and I just love them. The one thing is that in jeans I wear a size 10 and normally in pants that are sized S – XL I will grab a Large but in these I did go for XL and that ended up fitting me quite perfectly. They are really stretchable and everything so I think it’d be fine even if you didn’t go one size up, but just for FYI… Great Active leggings on sale here.

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