Love this hat

Really cool site where i found my hat! I have the dark brown hat pictured (image 1) and I love it. I realized when someone complimented me that it was better looking that my Helen Kaminski ($$$) brown hat (maybe because of the wider brim), but the color is also nicer.Please note that at this time (6/2011), the images are switched, so good luck ordering. I emailed ANTonline and did not get a response, then called them and they could not look at the Amazon listing, but did give me Sloggers number. Sloggers was very helpful. They looked at the images and told me the “light brown” is the dark brown and vice versa, but the images are of the correct Sloggers hats (I wasn’t sure).So here’s the deal, and hopefully it will save you some time:Item number for dark brown is 442DB01 – I would call it a medium brown, but it’s basically a nut brown, like a hazelnut tone (as opposed to a dark brown like espresso). Item number for light brown is 442LB01 and is more of a beige or wheat color (almost an off-white). I will be ordering or buying mine somewhere else, so I know which one I am getting.My rating is just for the hat itself, and again, it’s a wonderful hat. You can get it wet to stay cool or pack it and it still ends up looking great. Flattering shape, style, and color. Comfortable and protective. More info on this fantastic hat!

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