Metal LED lantern, dimmable capabilities. Good price for what you get.

This lantern is of metal construction, with a glass (not plastic) globe. It looks like it was an actual oil or kerosene lantern which, for some reason, was retro-fitted or re-purposed for use with white LEDs & electronics. Great site where i orderd this!The glass globe can be raised (via the left-side lever) like any regular oil/kerosene lantern when lighting or extinguishing its flame. However, when doing so the wires going to the LED cluster will be exposed, so that action should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The glass globe can also be tipped-back & removed so that it can be cleaned if needed, again, like a normal oil/kerosene lantern.This lantern takes two (2) “D” cell batteries, which are very easy to find in almost any store, and are installed in the bottom where the fuel would have normally gone. The dimming control is located where the fuel would usually be filled in a normal oil/kerosene lantern. Its light output is pretty decent; its LED cluster is on the bottom of the globe, and shines upward to be reflection off of an inverted mirrored conical structure inside the top of the globe, thus reflecting light downward & outward.As to why I’ve only given this item 4-stars: the battery cover is not hinged on to the bottom of the lantern RE one edge is held on by two (2) protrusions, and the opposing edge has a locking tab which holds the whole thing in place. I would plan on putting some duct tape over the cover to keep it in place if this lantern is to be used outdoors. The other “con” may be that the lantern may not work that well in heavy rain conditions, although I have not tested that myself. The base of the lantern definitely should NOT be placed on wet ground due to the battery compartment/cover not being water proofed. It should work very well for indoor and covered-outdoor use, and especially for emergencies, as long as water is avoided.However, overall, and at the price of $9.99 and with the Free Shipping, it is worth the price.

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