More Rugged and Comfortable That I Amagined

Check out this awesome discount store i bought these crocs on. Granted, at first glance one may not be too impressed with the looks of these shoes. I was one of these people. However, on a trip to Maine, I needed a pair of shoes that would serve well on land as well as in the water on trails and on the oceans. That being said, I discovered the true toughness and comfort of these shoes. I even hiked up a 3,000 foot mountain in these things and they still exhibit modest wear on the soles and around the entire shoe. This was extremely rocky and rugged terrain to boot and would not advise this as the primary terrain to tackle with Crocs.SIZINGI am a true 10.5 in mens. However, 10 was definitely too small and uncomfortable for me, so I bought size 11 since there are no half sizes. From this discovery, it is safe to say that Crocs are pretty true to size. 11s are a little big on me, but the strap still locks my foot in place and it does not feel like my foot is coming out of the shoe if I am not using the strap. The foam material Crocs are made from grips your feet pretty well, even when wet or sweaty.COMFORTThere are not many shoes, even shoes I’ve spent over $100, that can match Crocs in comfort. I could wear these shoes all day and my feet would not hurt or blister while on the trails. On a regular day out, same story. For summer, they are great because air is constantly able to flow through and cool your feet. When they get wet, I mean completely soaked, they usually will dry off within about 5 minutes.STYLEThese are really not as ugly as people think. Once you wear them and get them on, they really start to grow on you both on how they look and how they feel. People who say they hate these shoes are those who have never put a pair on and worn them (I was one of these people). As far as colors go, white and lighter colors seem like they will definitely get dirty easily. I have black and they are easy to clean of, just a rinse and rub down with a rag.Check out more great clogs and mules.The main thing is people just have to have an open mind when purchasing this style of footwear. They are a little unorthodox but they are high quality, functional, and as bad looking as people think. They are so easy just to slip on and they are featherweight and easy to walk in. I use them a lot for just getting the mail or going to the gym before I put my gym shoes on. I have been pleasently surprised with Crocs’ resilience and highly recommend these bad boys.

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