most useful pants of ALL TIME!

I’m not in law enforcement. I’m not a contractor. I’m not in the military. But my profession as a photographer puts me in situations where I have to dress like i’m being deployed to Afghanistan. Lenses, batteries, flashcards, flashes, remotes, multitools, flashlights, greycards, light meters, sync cords, measuring tape, are just some of the items that I need to keep on my person, and be able to access quickly and easily. I usually carry a bag with several compartments, but when it’s hot, and i have to move around a ton, i prefer these pants. There is a pocket for everything with these suckers! Best feature, are the back pockets. I can fit a 200mm zoom lens and flash adapter in ONE back pocket! Second best feature, the knife pocket, roomy enough for a multitool and a streamlight stylus flashlight. And last, the clip on the beltloop, perfect for clipping my flash meter on, or a second body in a carrying case.Even loaded to the rafters, these pants are comfortable, cool, and let you maneuver nicely. I’d order a size bigger than you wear in jeans, even with the elastic, these are sized more like dress-slacks. Fit is great, length is perfect. You don’t have to be a SWAT team banging down a door, or a military paratrooper to get full use out of these pants. When I’m not working in them, I’m using them for a long Motorcycle trip (the pockets are great for biker stuffs and cool in hot weather riding), or on a camping trip, where they withstand a beating but always come clean.I have some knock-offs, but the 5.11 are definitely worth the extra money.Good GD Pants.

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