Much Nicer Than Expected ~ A Great Value Matress For The Price

Click here to get the same great deal on this mattress that i did. My Queen Bed from Best Priced Mattress arrived today, & while it is still airing out, I can tell you that I am very impressed so far. I uploaded a picture to the customer image gallery so people what the Queen Size looks like.This mattress expanded to its full 8″ height in about 6 hours, but I cannot sleep on it yet, because of the intense chemical odor. I did lay down on it to “test drive” it for a while, & I am pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is. I was leery of buying this bed because I have been sleeping on an airbed for 2 years, & I expected a foam mattress to feel like laying on a concrete slab in comparison – but it isn’t. Not at all. It is not like the horrible foam mattresses I’ve encountered in motels & guest beds & spent sleepless nights on in the past. This is actually really nice. All of the foam beds I’ve experienced felt like a foam mattress topper laying on a sidewalk, so I was afraid to invest much, but this bed is actually quite agreeable. Keep in mind, it’s not like spring mattresses which have a resistive bounce to them – & it does kind of squish around you & cradle your form where you lay (which some people don’t like)…but the mattress I was sent is neither too firm nor too soft – it really is just about right. I sink into the body-conforming top layers just the right amount, without feeling like I am “bottoming out”. All of my pressure points sink in at the right depths, in the right places. There may be truth to the notion that the thinner memory foam mattresses are more comfortable, compared to thick 12″ mattresses, because the thinner beds lack the dense 6-8″ resistive base layer of foam that makes the thicker beds so firm. When I tested it out, I was enjoying the sound of the vertebrae in my back popping back into place so much that I hated to get up… It felt great, & only my asthma drove me off the bed.About the chemical odor, I would recommend that those with allergies, asthma, & hypersensitivity to chemicals set up alternative sleeping arrangements for 4 or more days to allow this mattress to fully air out. You don’t notice it right away after unwrapping the bed, but the more it expands, the stronger the odor becomes. I also bought this bed a zippered vinyl mattress cover as an allergy blocker, so together the two of them smell like the interior of a new car, splashed with a bucket full of paint… : } I shut the mattress in the bedroom, & I air it out with a fan about 4 times a day. I put the ailing airbed in the living room to use while I transition to the new bed. I have had 4 airbeds suddenly go flat in the middle of the night in less than 2 years, so for me it’s worth the wait to air out just 1 memory foam mattress once – rather than 1 new air bed about every 6 months, all of which smelled every bit as strong as this bed does. Some people shaved off 1 Star for the stench, but I am giving it the full 5 Stars, because it is so unexpectedly comfortable. I never knew a memory foam mattress could feel this decent. I was terrified of how bad this was going to be, & actually almost canceled the order, but so far it’s actually very nice. Great looking matresses that i was also considering.I manage fibromyalgia, arthritis, upper & lower back pain, & recurring nerve pain in my arms, & I think I am going to do quite well sleeping on this mattress. I have a feeling that the more I sleep on this bed, the more my back is going to realign itself to where it’s supposed to be. King Size was unavailable when I made my purchase, which I prefer, but I think Queen is about the largest mattress one small person in chronic pain can lug around by themselves if I ever have to move again.

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